Xbox Scorpio Will Feature 'True 4K'


Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg talks up the abilities of the upcoming high-powered Xbox Scorpio, stating that the console will be capable of delivering "true 4K" to fans.

This console generation has been full of pitched battles between rival companies. From the initial war of words between Microsoft and Sony over the release of the Xbox One and PS4, through to the recent fight for VR supremacy, it seems as though every hardware improvement has been met with tit-for-tat comments. The release of upgraded consoles such as Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro have also been subject to a fight of their own, and Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg has recently been talking up the Xbox Scorpio again.

Speaking at this weekend's Xbox FanFest in Mexico City, Greenberg discussed the power behind the Xbox Scorpio. "This will really bring the most powerful console you've ever seen," said Greenberg of the console, which will run first-party Xbox One games at 4K resolution. "It will bring these really true 4K, really incredible visual games that we've never seen before on the console."

Greenberg also talked about what Microsoft was aiming to bring to bring to the gaming community through the development of the console. "People who have spent thousands of dollars on a high-end PC are getting that experience," said Greenberg of 4K gaming. "How do we bring that to scale in a console in your living room? That's a big part of what Project Scorpio is about."

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So far, Microsoft has been very keen to talk about the Scorpio's added power in comparison to the PS4 Pro. Microsoft executive Albert Penello has suggested that the company "aspired a little bit higher" through pushing the boundaries of console gaming with the project. This has been compounded with suggestions that Sony's console is not 'true' 4K gaming, although Sony has claimed that its forward compatibility plans are not misleading.

Of course, an improved resolution is not everything, and there is no guarantee that Scorpio will trump its opposition when it releases in Holiday 2017. After all, owners of the device will also need a 4K television to get the full impact of its added power. That's perhaps why Microsoft has been keen to also promote the flexibility of the console, such as its Xbox 360 backward compatibility.

From the sounds of it, however, the PS4 Pro is already making a big impact on the market. In spite of Microsoft once again taking the lead in the console race, PS4 console sales tripled in just a week since the Pro's release. Hopefully, both Microsoft and Sony will be able to provide hardware that adds to gaming overall.

Source: Gamespot

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