Microsoft is primed to fully reveal its Project Scorpio, the high-end Xbox One console that the company first teased at last year’s E3. Scorpio has been a codename for the upcoming console, but a new trademark filed by Microsoft has led many to speculate that the name of the next iteration of the Xbox One will be called the Xbox S.

The logo was found by a poster on NeoGAF, who found it on the European Union Intellectual Property Office website. There aren’t many details given in the trademark application other than it was filed by Microsoft on June 6, 2017. The logo in question features a simple grey S with a section missing out of its midsection.

will xbox scorpios official name be xbox s

Given the fact that Microsoft has set itself up to focus fully on Project Scorpio this E3, having already revealed the technical specs of the machine and promising that it will launch this year, it seems logical that this logo would be related to the console.

Plus, given the fact that the console’s codename has been Scorpio, its possible that the S from Scorpio could be carrying over to a more official Xbox S naming scheme. There’s always the chance—although slighter—that Microsoft just keeps the Scorpio name since it has been used so widely by gamers, particularly in order to separate Scorpio from the Xbox One S; however that’s unlikely given the tradition of codenames usually being sloughed off for more official launch names.

Earlier today, Microsoft released a video detailing the dev kit for Project Scorpio, which features much higher specs than the consumer model, and which Xbox said looks completely different from the console that will make its way into homes later this year.

Microsoft still has its work cut out for it this E3, debuting a console that has yet to be fully defined. It looks to be a high-end console with specs similar to that of a gaming PC, but releasing such a console may require a high price tag and be cost prohibitive for consumers. Plus, the question remains regarding how games will be treated across Xbox One and this new console, especially with Microsoft promising that Xbox One will be backward compatible with Scorpio.

But Microsoft has to do something, as the PS4 remains on top this console generation, with PS4 selling 3-to-1 in Europe against Xbox One. It will definitely be worth keeping an eye on Microsoft this E3 to see how the company hopes to make a dent in Sony’s PS4 sales. After all, strong competition and a well-built console could drive competition, which in the end benefits consumers.

The next Xbox One, whatever it ends up being called, is set to launch later this year with a specific launch date yet to be announced.

Source: EUIPO