Xbox Scorpio May Offer Cool Secondary Screen Feature

project scorpio dev kit

When Microsoft revealed the first few photos of the Project Scorpio developer’s kit, many gamers were intrigued by the small screen on the front of the device that shows framerate information and other data. It turns out that small screen can do more than just show off framerates, and now gamers are asking Microsoft to include it on the final Project Scorpio device.

Jez Corden of Windows Central shared a video via Twitter that shows how the front panel on the Project Scorpio dev kit can be used to watch dolphins swim around. In fact, the command for the little dolphins rendering is built into the device, with an “add 12 dolphins” command that kicks off the action, and a justification for the dolphins of “because why not?”

Until now, many gamers assumed the small front panel on the front of the Project Scorpio device was simply to provide helpful feedback information to developers. However, now that it’s known to go beyond just graphics processor information, gamers are hoping the screen will be included on the consumer device.

For the moment, it seems the purpose of the dolphins is simply to show developers that the impressive hardware inside Project Scorpio can handle processing images while simultaneously running a very demanding, 4K graphics game. However, gamers have other ideas for the screen.

While some may consider the screen gimmicky for consumer use, there are many gamers who have already considered many positive implications of the screen for gamers, beyond just watching dolphins swim around. Streamers could use it to keep track of their current streaming situation, without relying on a snapped app. Developers could incorporate simple inventory mechanics or achievement updates for gamers. Such features would go a long way in making the Project Scorpio that much better and giving Microsoft and Xbox a leg up when it comes to the fierce console battle with PlayStation.

With Xbox “very focused” on first-party games over the next couple years, it’s looking like a great time to be an Xbox gamer. That said, Project Scorpio is still in development, and until its released, there’s no telling how just much it will offer to gamers. Granted, the specs on the device seem great, but gamers will need to wait until the device’s capabilities are revealed before making any judgments about how it will affect the gaming industry.

Project Scorpio is set to release holiday 2017.

Source: Twitter

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