Xbox Scorpio Will Deliver 'Best Console Version' of Games

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While Microsoft has given gamers a general sense of the power and performance of its Project Scorpio console, the company has avoided offering any specific examples. However, Xbox Head Phil Spencer says that games on Project Scorpio will be the best console versions available.

Spencer’s claim was made in response to a fan question on Twitter, which inquired whether Destiny 2 or Call of Duty: WW2 would look any better on Scorpio than they do on PS4. Obviously, Spencer couldn’t give any concrete examples, because Scorpio has yet to be fully unveiled, but he did have the below to say:

For Xbox fans, Spencer’s comments are sure to build excitement for the upcoming console, just in time for E3 2017. Microsoft has consistently touted Scorpio as a powerhouse console, but it hasn’t been entirely clear just how powerful the device will be.

Moreover, there had been concerns that Microsoft may hold publishers and developers to a parity clause, which could keep Xbox games on Scorpio from running or looking substantially better on the Xbox One or Xbox One S platforms. Interestingly enough, Microsoft VP Mike Ybarra put that speculation to rest by confirming that Scorpio games do not have any restrictions.

Ybarra’s comments came on the heels of news that Destiny 2 would not have a higher frame rate on the PS4 Pro, despite the added power behind the console. It was then that similar speculation arose about parity clauses, which led to Ybarra chiming in to offer Microsoft’s perspective on the matter.

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In truth, if Spencer and Ybarra’s comments are true, then the Project Scorpio version of Destiny 2 may be the superior console version. Unfortunately, Microsoft can’t talk about what improvements it brings to the table yet, since Scorpio is still a closely guarded secret. Not to mention, Bungie and Activision have a partnership with Sony, so it’s unlikely the Destiny 2 developers are going to be openly promoting Xbox as the platform of choice for their sequel.

Regardless of how the Destiny 2 situation plays out, the future does sound promising for Xbox and Project Scorpio. Gamers have been waiting for a more powerful console to come around, and by all accounts it sounds like Microsoft has such a device on the way. The only real barrier to entry will be Scorpio's price, which Microsoft has yet to reveal.

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