Xbox Scarlet: All Rumored And Confirmed Launch Titles

Project Scarlett Holiday 2020

Holiday 2020 may still be a little over a year away, but that isn't going to stop gamers from getting hyped for the next generation of console gaming. Shoppers should already be saving up for the holiday 2020 shopping season when there will be a new lineup of consoles to choose from. As always, which console to buy first will depend a lot of the launch titles and console exclusive games. It's still early, but already know at least a few games that are rumored to launch alongside Project Scarlett.

Although the PS4 got off to a bit of a slow start in terms of exciting launch titles, it's generally the opinion that the console ran away with the generation thanks to stronger console exclusive titles over the last few years. If Xbox plans to turn things around with the coming generation (where it will be facing off against the PS5, which is being designed for hardcore gamers), it would be wise to come out of the gate in holiday 2020 with some very strong launch titles that can help more a lot of units right away.

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Note: This is a growing list and includes some titles that are already confirmed for the Project Scarlett launch and others that are rumored to release alongside the upcoming console. As more information about each of the games is released, we'll continue to update this list with any changes.

Halo Infinite - Confirmed

halo infinite will run on xbox one

Master Chief returns to the world of console gaming with a brand new game for the first time since 2015 next year. Halo Infinite has already been used to hype Project Scarlett at E3 and will likely be the flagship launch title for the console. Xbox has already confirmed that Halo Infinite is going dark until E3 2020, so it will be quite a while before we learn any more details about this one.

Starfield - Rumored

Bethesda Starfield fan made trailer

Bethesda hasn't confirmed a release window for its upcoming brand-new IP just yet, but it seems highly unlikely that the game is going to release before the next generation of consoles arrives. With that in mind, it would be very exciting to see this project launch in Holiday 2020 on the Project Scarlett. Bethesda definitely has a reputation of not sharing details about projects until they are nearly finished, so it wouldn't be surprising if Starfield made its first true gameplay appearance at E3 2020 and then released a few months later over the holiday. That said, there are currently rumors that Starfield may skip E3 2020, as well.

Forza - Rumored

Forza Motorsport 7 removing loot boxes

It's always surprising when Microsoft doesn't release a full Forza title in a calendar year. 2019 has the launch of the free-to-play mobile game Forza Street, but no numbered sequel to the main series of games. If previous Xbox years are any indication, it seems like a safe bet that Forza Motorsport 8 is quietly being developed with plans for a Holiday 2020 launch.

There are some other cross-console games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Marvel's Avengers that seem like they should be safe bets for Project Scarlett, even if they launch earlier in 2020 on Xbox One and other machines. It will also be interesting to see if there are any big budget remasters or remakes that launch alongside the console. On the Sony side of things, The Last of Us Remastered was a major hit during the early PS4 era.

As the PS4/Xbox One era starts to come to a close, one of the main criticisms on the Xbox side of things is a lack of compelling first-party titles. Xbox is clearly working on the problem by acquiring some very exciting studios, so hopes are high that the company has learned its lesson. The quantity and quality of Project Scarlett launch titles could very well make or break those holiday 2020 sales numbers, so fingers crossed that there are a lot of other titles announced at E3 2020.

Be sure to check back closer to the console's launch window for more Project Scarlett news and updates.

Project Scarlett releases holiday 2020.

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