Xbox Scarlet Consoles Coming in 2020?

xbox codename scarlet

During the Xbox E3 press conference, Microsoft revealed that it was working on the next iteration of Xbox consoles and moved on to the next topic without releasing any details. The moment came and went so quickly that it was actually easy to miss it. The quick tease left fans with a lot of questions and now leaks, rumors, and speculation are starting to arrive in response.

Shortly after the presentation, some outlets started reporting that the next wave of Xbox consoles is codenamed Scarlet. Microsoft hasn't confirmed that at this point. In addition to the codename rumors, a new report by Thurrott suggests that a release window may already be identified.

The source claims to have viewed content that highlighted several unannounced Microsoft products that are coming in the next two years. Among those projects were a lineup of console releases in 2020.

xbox one codename scarlet

Obviously, there is no way to confirm this report at this time and Microsoft certainly won't be releasing an official response. One of the most interesting details from the report is the suggestion that Scarlet may be a new set of devices, and not just one console.

Unfortunately, the report doesn't offer any addition insight into whether the next Xbox will be the start of a new generation or just another iteration of Xbox One, with full support of the existing software and peripherals.

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There is currently no confirmed name or release date for the next generation of Microsoft Xbox consoles.

Source: Thurrott

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