Xbox is Making Rare Achievements More Special

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Thanks to a new update from Microsoft, Xbox One gamers will now receive a unique pop-up notification and sound for unlocking rare achievements in games.

Console manufacturers are constantly working to upgrade and improve their devices in order to give gamers a better, more unique experience. Aside from releasing updated hardware, such as the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S, both Sony and Microsoft continue to find new ways to make current consoles better for players.

In the case of Microsoft, the gaming giant adds new features to the Xbox One periodically, often in response to gamer requests. One request that has long been presented to the Xbox team is Achievement Rarity, which is a way for gamers to see how rare a particular achievement is that they’ve unlocked. Now, according to Xbox Live’s Larry Hryb – who goes by his Gamertag, Major Nelson – Xbox gamers can expect Achievement Rarity to be coming soon, with some Preview members already able to access the feature.

Additionally, some of the rarest achievements will come with a unique sound and animation when players unlock them. As can be seen in the short clip below, when Forza Horizon 3 players discover all the roads in the game – a feat not many players are likely to complete – a unique achievement animation pops up at the bottom of the screen showing a diamond representing the achievements rarity, along with an extended sound bite.


For now, it seems the rare achievements are only those that have been unlocked by less than one percent of players. Gamers looking to obtain the most elusive achievements will have to dedicate plenty of time and effort to unlocking the most difficult or time-consuming achievements. However, it’s unknown if achievements will lose their rare status once more than one percent of players have unlocked them.

Aside from the unique animation and sound, players shouldn’t expect any additional reward for the rare achievements, but the knowledge that they’ve completed something so few others have is consolation enough for many Xbox gamers. All gamers will be able to check out their full list of achievements to see what percentage of players unlocked each one, allowing them to compare their performance against the general public.

Achievement rarity has been available via third-party apps for a while, but the rarity of those achievements were limited to members of the sites and didn’t include the full range of Xbox players. As of right now, Achievement Rarity is only available on the Xbox One and cannot be viewed via the Xbox mobile app.

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