Xbox Head Phil Spencer reconfirms that the Project Scorpio console will be capable of running some games in native 4K resolution, stating he is confident about the console.

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer has been fanning the flames of fan expectation regarding the mysterious Project Scorpio console, a device that the Xbox figurehead said he was very pleased with. The upcoming device has been draped in secrecy, with its high-end technical specifications providing the bulk of what has been confirmed for the Project Scorpio console.

After some recent details about Project Scorpio’s hardware components found their way to the internet, there’s been plenty of consumer confusion about whether Project Scorpio can truly render titles in native 4K resolution, a claim which Microsoft Studios Publishing general manager Shannon Loftis had made months ago. Today, Phil Spencer took to Twitter to respond to the question, and the answer was still a resounding – and simple – yes:

Shannon’s earlier statement had been specifically referring to first party games produced by Microsoft, so it still remains to be seen if third party producers will be generating a significant number of native 4K titles, or if they’ll be upscaled to the coveted resolution.

The Project Scorpio is technologically superior to the PS4 Pro, which features plenty of forward compatibility upgrading and ultimately lacks support for 4K Blu-Ray playback. While Microsoft certainly has the advantage when it comes to hardware, the PS4 Pro has the bonus of PSVR support. By contrast, Project Scorpio’s VR support has been cast into doubt with the recent removal of any high fidelity VR mentions from the company website.

Before Spencer gave his more simplistic answer to the 4K resolution question, many other gamers had attempt to coax an answer from the Xbox head. Shortly before answering in the affirmative, Spencer also tweeted out this statement in response to the flurry of questions and rumors:

Honestly my focus is just on getting games ready to show and play. That will be the explanation. I’m confident in the results.

The Xbox One has reportedly sold 26 million units to date, which still leaves Microsoft trailing far behind Sony in terms of total console sales. Microsoft has put in a strong performance over the last few months, and it’ll be interesting to see if high-tech prowess and native 4K allure of the Project Scorpio can help the company make up some distance in the console sales race – especially with the Nintendo Switch due to pounce onto the scene this March.

What do you think about Project Scorpio, Ranters?

The Project Scorpio console currently has no release date, but is expected to be feature a console-appropriate price.

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