With E3 2017 just around the corner, Microsoft is primed to give fans a closer look at the heft and strength of its newly enhanced Xbox console, which currently exists under the moniker of Project Scorpio. Just recently, the Corporate Vice President of the Xbox and Windows gaming platform at Microsoft and Project Scorpio Lead Engineer, Mike Ybarra, teased fans with what’s to come by tweeting out a picture of the forthcoming system’s processor.

As seen in the tweet below, Ybarra holds the processing chip in between his thumb and forefinger, captioning the image with emojis for a scorpion, a muscled arm, a gaming controller, and more, writing “This is [Scorpio].” Although there’s not much else to see beyond the picture of the console’s CPU, it’s obvious that Ybarra is alluding to the fact that he’s essentially holding the core of what will be driving the system to give it 4.5 times more power than a standard Xbox One.

For those unaware, Project Scorpio’s official specs make the console a graphical powerhouse, as it will be able to hit 4K resolution while running existing and slightly updated Xbox One titles at 60 frames per second. By comparison, the PlayStation 4 Pro is set to lag behind the pace set by Microsoft’s forthcoming console, for although Sony’s top-tier system is almost twice as powerful as the original PS4, Scorpio’s tech is far advanced in terms of sheer strength.

All of this is well and good for Microsoft, but one thing that continues to loom over the release of Project Scorpio is the fact that the company has yet to unveil how much the system will cost, which has some fans concerned. While many believe the new Xbox’s price will likely be $500 to cover production and to make a profit–a reasonable fee, considering its capabilities–the fact that it could be more expensive than the PlayStation 4 Pro might dissuade many from buying the console when it launches later this year.

Whatever the case may be for Project Scorpio’s future, a clearer picture of its fate will likely be painted once the console is shown at this year’s E3 2017. For the sake of Microsoft, however, it can only hope that its competition in Sony doesn’t overshadow the full unveiling of the enhanced system at this year’s conference with bombshell announcements all its own.

Xbox‘s Project Scorpio is currently scheduled to be released sometime during the holiday 2017 season.

Source: Mike Ybarra – Twitter