The CEO of the company behind the game Ori and the Blind Forest says Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox console, Project Scorpio is a “full-blown next gen machine.”

Microsoft’s upgraded Xbox console, known right now as Project Scorpio, is likely in the hands of developers—or at the very least, devs have probably gotten a good run-through of the console. After all, Microsoft plans to release the console later this year, which was revealed at last year’s E3 and touted as the most powerful console ever. And just yesterday, some of the machine’s specs got outm adding credence to the kind of power Microsoft has been saying the console will have.

Adding to all that, one developer has called Project Scorpio a “full blown next-gen machine.” The comment came from Thomas Mahler, the CEO of Moon Studios, the makers of the Xbox One and PC-exclusive game Ori and the Blind Forest. Mahler made the statement responding to a question from someone in a NeoGAF forum thread.

Xbox Project Scorpio Leaked Whitepaper

In the same breath speaking about the powerful nature of Project Scorpio, Mahler went on to give his opinion about Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro console, calling it a “half-assed upgrade.” He tries to explain that, in his eyes, Project Scorpio is a next-gen console that also just so happens to play Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. Here’s his full post:

Scorpio is a next-gen machine with the added benefit that all your old games will still be compatible. From this point on, similar to PCs, you’ll not lose your library when you buy a next-gen system. I guess since NeoGAF is confused [sic], Microsoft will need to do a little work to make it clear to everyone that Scorpio isn’t just a half-assed upgrade (which the PS4 Pro kinda [sic] is…), but a full blown next-gen machine that’s just backwards-compatible to your current library.

GameSpot confirmed that the NeoGAF post was in fact from Mahler, and considering that his company’s Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the most celebrated indie games of the Xbox One, he has likely seen and/or used Microsoft’s upgraded console, so his comments (at least about what Scorpio can do) can be taken with some accuracy. Then again, Ori is a Microsoft published title, so Moon Studios likely has a better relationship with the Xbox One manufacturer than Sony. In other words, take his positive words about Scorpio and negative words about the PS4 Pro in context.

According to the data pulled from Scorpio’s whitepaper yesterday, it does appear that it will be the most powerful console on the market when it launches. With the soon-to-be-released Nintendo Switch not attempting to push the limits on its technical specs, it looks that Scorpio will have much more power under its hood than even the PlayStation 4 Pro.

On the flip side of that coin, Microsoft has continued to communicate that Scorpio will not be a next-gen machine in the traditional sense, but will be an upgraded Xbox One. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer recently said that the console is making “amazing progress”, so it looks to be heading firmly toward a release late in 2017. Spencer also said that Project Scorpio will sell at a price point fitting of a console and won’t be comparable to higher end PC gaming rigs.

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