Report: Xbox Project Scorpio Will Have Internal Power Supply

xbox project scorpio internal psu

With E3 2017 looming ever closer on the horizon, the pace of news regarding the follow-up to the Xbox One has begun to quicken. Microsoft's Project Scorpio made headlines last year when the company introduced the concept alongside the announcement of the Xbox One S, and now a recent report has confirmed that Microsoft will, once more, use an internal power supply unit (PSU) as part of Project Scorpio's design.

The news seems to confirm that the days of the massive, heat-producing Xbox power brick have finally come to an end, as the Xbox One S also featured an internal PSU which looks to be the standard for Microsoft going forward. It is hardly the biggest surprise, but it is nice to know that Project Scorpio won't be taking a step backward after its predecessor made the Xbox's PSU interface so much sleeker.

The report, which comes from Windows Central, is apparently sourced directly from Microsoft's industrial design team, which means gamers should absolutely expect an internal PSU to be a feature of the console's E3 2017 showing - albeit a smaller one. The real questions, like just how far along Project Scorpio's development has come and what sort of games will be appearing in its launch lineup, will likely take center stage during this year's presentation.

project scorpio 4k capable

These are questions that need answering, however, and fans of Microsoft's brand of console gaming are eager to see them put to bed sooner rather than later. After a late surge in 2016, the PS4 has outsold the Xbox One for the past four months in a row, reestablishing both Sony's current console dominance and Microsoft's need for a successor to the Xbox One in short order. While it would be inaccurate to say that Xbox One hasn't been successful, it certainly has fallen well short of what Microsoft would have expected from the console at launch back in 2013.

As more news about Project Scorpio circulates, gamers should get a better sense of what to expect from the E3 2017 presentation. As it stands now, with smaller details like the internal PSU being discussed, it would seem that all the bigger ones have been ironed out - meaning Microsoft's new console could be making quite the splash at Microsoft's E3 presentation this summer.

Source: Windows Central

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