Xbox Project Scarlett Details, Release Window


It may feel like it just began, but the current console lifecycle is drawing to a close. Xbox gave a super high level sneak peak at what is coming next during E3 2018, and, as predicted, E3 2019 brought a much more substantial reveal of Scarlet. Now that the new hardware has been officially revealed, we also know its actual name. Say goodbye to Scarlet and hello to Project Scarlett.

The next generation of Xbox arrives holiday 2020 and comes equipped with a ton of power. The custom AMD processor and new SSD drives are going to allow for 120 FPS 8k capability. That's 4x more powerful than Xbox One X.

Be sure to check back in the coming days for more news, updates, hands-on impressions, and leaks from E3 2019.

Project Scarlett releases holiday 2020.

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