Xbox head Phil Spencer takes to Twitter to answer fan questions and says Microsoft may put together a major event sometime before the end of the year.

Microsoft surprised some Xbox fans about three weeks ago when the company announced it would not be holding a press briefing at this month’s gamescom. Instead, Microsoft will hold an Xbox FanFest that coincides with the event, allowing some of its diehard fans to get a glimpse at what’s coming next for Xbox One, including some of the games that Microsoft first showed at E3 2016.

But the lack of an official gamescom press briefing does not mean that Microsoft doesn’t have anything new coming down the pipeline. In fact, Xbox head Phil Spencer recently tweeted that Xbox fans can look forward to another event this fall that sounds like it may be similar to the PlayStation Experience that Sony has held in Las Vegas and San Francisco the last two years.

Spencer made the comments while replying to several fans on Twitter. He was asked if Microsoft had any upcoming plans since gamescom would not have a briefing and responded by saying, “We will have things to say this Fall, we’ll find the right times.” When pressed for more details, he added, “I want to visit some fans I haven’t visited before and we have some things to say before end of 2016, so we’ll find the times.”

Finally, one fan directly asked Spencer if “you guys ever thought of doing an event like PlayStation Experience?” and Spencer replied by pointing out that the company used to hold similar events like the “X0 events, like X09 etc in Europe.”

@BeastFireTimdog I'll miss Gamescom but @aarongreenberg will be there. We will have things to say this Fall, we'll find the right times.— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) August 4, 2016

@ScorpioP3 I want to visit some fans I haven't visited before and we have some things to say before end of 2016 so we'll find the times.— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) August 4, 2016

@PIxelGamerUK Yes, we use to do this with the X0 events, like X09 etc in Europe, I like those.
— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) August 4, 2016

Long story short, it sounds like the Xbox team will definitely be holding another major event by the end of the year. Going off of Spencer’s comments about visiting fans Microsoft hasn’t seen before, it’s pretty clear the event will be held somewhere outside the United States.

Last year, Epic Games used PlayStation Experience 2015 to announce its MOBA Paragon and Square Enix used the show to reveal the action-focused gameplay of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. So there’s clearly an opportunity here for Microsoft to make some big waves late in the year if desired.

Spencer also addressed a couple other issues during his time on Twitter yesterday. He briefly touched on the Phantom Dust remaster, which has had a troubled development history, by saying that “things are progressing well.” He also confirmed that the previously announced Halo TV series is still very much alive.

Microsoft‘s Xbox FanFest begins at Gamescom on Wednesday, August 17. More details on how to get tickets are available on

Source: Phil Spencer – Twitter (via WCCFTech)