Gamescom 2017 is currently in full swing after Microsoft kicked the event off with a 90 minute presentation. While not quite as bombastic as its E3 press conference, fans got a better look at games like Assassin’s Creed Origins and Middle-earth: Shadow of War while getting new details on things like the partnership between PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Microsoft. The biggest news for many however was the introduction of the Xbox One X Project Scorpio edition as well as the ability to finally pre-order the upcoming console.

The capitalize on the enthusiasm over the newest Microsoft console, GameStop has announced a brand new trade-in program for those who want to put money towards the new system. The latest consoles like the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 Pro will knock the total price down by $200, saving gamers some serious cash off the $500 system. Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 trade-ins will net players $150 dollars off the total Xbox One X price, while an original Xbox One saves $100.

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition pre-orders

The catch here however is that this promotion doesn’t actually start until the console releases on November 7. As such, fans won’t have access to the extra credit savnigs during the pre-order window, favoring those who’d rather wait for the console to be available. Based on the timing, it also appears that GameStop will have the console in stock on day one for players to utilize these savings. The promotion wraps up a few weeks later on November 19, giving a small window for fans to consider taking advantage of this deal.

The aforementioned Project Scorpio edition was unveiled officially at Gamescom, even though it was leaked online a few days in advance. While the console is basically the same as a stock Xbox One X model, the Project Scorpio edition comes with a few perks for early adopters. The limited edition 1 TB console comes with a vertical stand, one month subscription Xbox Game Pass, and a 14 day Xbox Live Gold card. The biggest draw to this package however is the phrase “Project Scorpio” etched into the console and packaged controller.

Xbox One X will launch on November 7, 2017.