With Xbox One X pre-orders set to open soon off the back of some huge announcements at E3 2017, the new hardware hype train has officially left the station. Microsoft is now pulling out all of the stops to promote its new console ahead of a launch later this year.

Part of this promotion includes a partnership with fast food restaurant Taco Bell, Microsoft announced today. Between August 31 and October 4, those who purchase the new $5 Steak Quesarito box at participating Taco Bell outlets in the United States will get a “unique code.” This code can then be texted in for a chance to win their very own Xbox One X.

Winners will also get a copy of Forza Motorsport 7 and a three-month subscription to the Xbox Games Pass. Microsoft also expects a console to be given away once every 10 minutes, which amounts to around 5040 consoles sold over the course of the promotion.

While there has been no shortage of weird video game advertisements over the years (both in-game and out), the Microsoft and Taco Bell Xbox One X promotion actually isn’t that unusual. As Microsoft itself points out, the two companies go way back, having first teamed up to launch the very first Xbox console in 2001.


Moreover, there are almost 6,000 Taco Bell outlets in the United States. Although it’s unclear whether every single Taco Bell will be part of the promotion, it will still be promoted in many of those outlets. Even for those who don’t win or don’t participate in the competition, they will still see that advertising and may consider purchasing or finding out more about the Xbox One X as a result.

But while the partnership does make some business sense, others will be asking why Microsoft even needs to partner with Taco Bell to sell its upcoming console. According to recent sales estimates (that likely didn’t take the Taco Bell promotion into account), the Xbox One X could sell 17 million units over the next few years.

And that number could skyrocket further so long as Microsoft continues to announce first-party games that make use of the high-powered hardware and third-party games with Xbox One X patches. The new Forza and Crackdown 3 are just two big name titles set to help shift the console, but the more titles Microsoft adds, the less it will need five dollar food boxes to sell its new console.

Xbox One X releases on November 7, 2017.

Source: Xbox