At Gamescom 2017 last month, Microsoft announced the pre-orders for the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition had gone live and that fans could register their interest for the limited edition console. But the announcement left many confused as the standard, non-limited version of the console without the Project Scorpio branding, was still unable to pre-order.

The messaging was frustrating for fans who didn’t want the bundled, Project Scorpio goodies. Thankfully then, new rumors suggest that pre-orders for the standard edition of the Xbox One X console are set to begin later this week. An advert posted on the website of North American retailer Walmart appears to confirm that Xbox One X pre-orders will go live in two days’ time, on September 21.

However, the Walmart advert states that the deal is “in-store only” and the fine print states that the offer is not available on the Walmart website. It’s unclear if this policy is only in effect for this particular Walmart store (in Bentonville, AR). Given that the Walmart website was recently involved in a console pre-order debacle, the policy makes a bit of sense.

xbox one x sales

The fine print of the advert also explains that there is a “limit of 2 units per customer” and warns that “limited quantities” of the Xbox One X are available, suggesting that there may well be a stock shortage. It seems unlikely that the Xbox One X will face similar demand to the Nintendo Switch, which will be sold out all year.

This retailer at least is anticipating that there won’t be enough of the new console to go around. The limits on how many consoles customers can buy also show that the retailer is doing something to dissuade scalpers from buying the Xbox One X cheap before hiking up the price and reselling the units.

One big question, though, is whether the demand for the Xbox One X so far will be maintained even after the launch hype has died down. The Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition did break sales records for Microsoft, but this followed much talk at E3 2017 and after the flames were fanned further at Gamescom. The Xbox One X also launches without a major title as Crackdown 3 has been delayed to 2018, thus meaning that the console could struggle to appeal to diehard Xbox fans who aren’t interested already.

With the Xbox One X not yet having arrived, Microsoft has some time to gets its strategy in place. This includes plans to reveal its unannounced exclusives, which could be enough to get even casual players on-board.

The Xbox One X is slated to release on November 7, 2017.

Source: ThisGenGaming