Following the official reveal of the Xbox One X and its release date at E3 2017, fans of Microsoft’s forthcoming system have been practically champing at the bit in anticipation of obtaining what is purported to be the most powerful console to ever exist. Now, thankfully, the head of the Redmond, Washington-based multinational technology company’s Xbox division, Phil Spencer, has reassured fans that pre-orders for the system will open soon.

As seen in the exchange between Spencer and a fan on Twitter, it shouldn’t be “too much longer” before the Xbox One X has its pre-orders go live. However, the Microsoft executive failed to give a precise date as to when gamers should expect to be able to reserve a system before its planned launch later this November. Nevertheless, with there only being a few more months left before the console hits store shelves, it’s quite likely that pre-orders could open as soon as August.

Without a doubt, excitement among hardcore Microsoft fans is incredibly high when it comes to the Xbox One X, and one could even say that such anticipation extends well beyond the company’s built-in fan base. For instance, the results of a survey indicated that the system was the most talked about topic during E3 2017. However, just because it was the most discussed subject at the event doesn’t necessarily mean all comments regarding the console were positive.

Although the Xbox One X is touted as the most technically impressive console to ever have been created, even such accolades may not assist in ensuring the system’s success in the long run, especially with it being aimed at a small niche of the market who would be willing to part with $500 to meet its asking price. Not to mention, Microsoft has even gone so far as to confirm that it won’t make a profit on the console’s sales.

All things considered, it will be interesting to see how many people go on to pre-order the Xbox One X, and whether the sales numbers can begin to put Microsoft within shooting distance of the financial feats that Sony’s PlayStation 4 has achieved. Of course, we will have to wait until the forthcoming system hits the market before determining its position on the hardware sales charts.

Xbox One X is set to launch on November 7, 2017.

Source: Phil Spencer – Twitter