The clock is down to almost a month before Microsoft’s Xbox One X console is due to release worldwide, and with each passing day more information about the world’s most powerful console comes to light. Today, a Spanish YouTube channel named Unocero made waves after its discovery of an easter egg within the hardware of the Xbox One X became widespread knowledge, and we have to admit what was uncovered is a pretty nice touch on Microsoft’s part. Stamped right on one of the circuit boards in every Xbox One X ever produced is a little Master Chief, and he’s riding a scorpion.

One doesn’t have to think hard to realize that the image is an allusion to the Xbox One X’s original codename, Project Scorpio. The name definitely grew on fans, but it just didn’t have the obvious abbreviation that the now-official title did (though Xbox officials claim any other title wasn’t X-y enough, anyway). The cute little scorpion-riding Master Chief is being mass produced, so every gamer who picks up the console will have one to call their own – they just won’t be able to see him during normal use of the console.

Xbox One X Halo Easter Egg

This is far from the first time Microsoft has included sneaky messages to fans in its hardware, with the Xbox One S featuring a standalone rendition of Master Chief etched into the device’s optical disc bracket. Gamers can also look into the battery compartment of any Xbox One controller to find a friendly “Hello from Seattle” written within it, a tradition that has been around since the days of the ill-fated Zune.

Analysts predict that the hard-hitting Xbox One X will outsell the PS4 Pro, a product which had a decent head start on its competition. The device is already the fast-selling Xbox console ever in terms of pre-orders, but only time will tell if it can compete for the duration after the initial wave of hardcore fans have already purchased it. Whatever happens, Mini Master Chief and his adorable ‘Scorpion Tank’ will be along for the ride.

The Xbox One X will release on November 7, 2017.

Source: Unocero