Without a doubt, there are a plethora of Microsoft fans who are incredibly eager to get their hands on an Xbox One X console, and for those who missed out on the first wave of pre-orders, GameStop has assured folks that a second round will begin soon. As it so happens, the video game retailer has announced that pre-orders for the standard edition of the forthcoming console will be available through GameStop starting tomorrow, September 20, at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET.

While this is definitely good news for those who want to obtain the next cutting-edge console from Microsoft, GameStop failed to share specifics regarding how much stock it will be carrying to meet consumer demands. With this being the case, fans will definitely need to act quickly to reserve the Xbox One X, especially if they want to receive the system on its launch day in November later this year.

For those unaware, GameStop quickly sold out of its allotment of Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition consoles, which were only available by way of pre-orders and were made as a limited edition product. So, it stands to reason that those who want to ensure that they will own the enhanced console come November should do their best to reserve the hardware through GameStop as soon as possible tomorrow.

In addition to the pre-order announcement, GameStop has also revealed the details of some other offers related to the Xbox One X. For a limited time only, the retailer’s PowerUp Rewards members can get up to $200 toward the forthcoming hardware when they pre-order and trade in their current system. Should one get the full $200 credit on the trade-in of their current console, it would significantly cut the $500 price tag of the Xbox One X down to a more managable $300.

Taking all of this into consideration, while it’s safe to presume that the Xbox One X will be available by way of pre-orders through other retailers up until the console’s launch in November, it looks as if GameStop will be the initial place fans turn to in order to get their hands on the system. A leaked Walmart ad has seemingly confirmed that the big box retailer will have Xbox One X standard edition pre-orders go live on September 21, but with GameStop’s official announcement in place, the company will likely take precedence in gaming fans’ minds.

The Xbox One X is set to release on November 7, 2017.

Source: GameSpot