Xbox One X Was the Most Talked About Topic at E3 2017

Xbox One X most talked about at E3 2017

Microsoft's reveal of the Xbox One X was the most talked about topic during E3 2017, reveals new data. The company kicked off its press conference by showing off the new console, highlighting its specs and revealing the console's price.

According to social intelligence platform Synthesio, Microsoft took the biggest piece of the pie during E3 2017 with 26.04% of all online mentions being about the company. The Xbox One X was included in 71.20% of mentions, followed by Forza with just under 10% of all mentions, and Sea of Thieves had 8.12% perhaps thanks to the famous Sea of Thieves banana meme. Halo and Gears of War had almost 10% of Microsoft-related mentions between them, even though no official announcements about the series' were made.

In second place in terms of overall mentions was Nintendo. 36% of these were about the Nintendo Switch, 31.8% were about Super Mario Odyssey, and 9.81% were for the Metroid series and Splatoon 2 and Rabbids had just over 10%, combined. Super Mario Odyssey is expected to be a huge system seller for the Switch this holiday season and so Nintendo will be glad that so many people are enthusiastic about the title, even if that also includes coming up with weird fan theories about it.

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In third place was EA with 21.85% of total mentions. The majority of EA-related mentions were focused on Star Wars Battlefront 2 and FIFA 18, which got around a quarter of mentions each.

Fourth went to Activision, which got 9.64% of mentions overall despite not having a press conference of its own and Ubisoft got 7.25%, with 88.95% of talk centered around Assassin's Creed Origins. Interestingly enough, Ubisoft's reveal of a new Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer ranked even lower than Far Cry 5 (10%) and even the Tom Clancy games (1.11%), despite none being mentioned during the presser.

Surprisingly, Sony got 6.17% and was down in seventh place, just above Bethesda (eighth) and Take-Two (ninth). Although the company did offer some fantastic reveals such as a new Spider-Man gameplay trailer, the company itself has admitted that its press conference was light on huge announcements. Some new titles and DLC were shown off but most of it was made up of new footage of games that fans already knew about.

The data is certainly intriguing but it's unclear how much this will affect actual game sales. Several games revealed will not be out until next year and so any hype and social media discussion about these games may well have fizzled out by the time they release. It will be interesting to see what the sales numbers say once everything at E3 2017 becomes available.

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Source: GamesBeat

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