There is little doubt that the release of the Xbox One X will be impactful. Ever since the Xbox One X was announced, fans of Microsoft’s console family have been quick to point out that it represents a major leap in technology for Xbox-branded devices. To its credit, Microsoft has been very forthcoming about the Xbox One X as well, which certainly hasn’t hurt the hype building for the console – labeling it the “most powerful console ever” was always going to get people talking.

One question that hasn’t been answered yet, however, has been just how well the Xbox One X‘s power will be harnessed by games that were already made for the Xbox One. Presumably, a significant number of the Xbox One X’s userbase will be people who already have a games library for the Xbox One, and those gamers will obviously want to see some sort of pay-off for investing in the Xbox One X at launch. Fortunately, a new report from Digital Foundry has indicated that early adopters of the Xbox One X should see favorable results immediately.

The data Digital Foundry uses here is generated by Microsoft’s own performance analysis tool, PIX, and is based on GPU frame-time captures that the group then speculated on using their industry expertise and aforementioned programs. Digital Foundry suggests that games like Forza 7 jumps from a max of 77 fps on the original Xbox One to 91 fps on the Xbox One X, while also seeing a remarkable reduction of 11.9% GPU power usage, all while remaining 1080p.

Games like Gears of War 4 see smaller benefits – only dropping about 6% in GPU power usage and a few frames at best – but those benefits do exist, and given that these games are entirely unoptimized for the Xbox One X, it remains within reason to speculate that the console will offer significant benefits for existing games while also creating major upgrades for optimized titles later.

The most talked about console at E3 2017 appears ready to set new standards for GPU and fps performance in video gaming later this year, but the report does come with a caveat – the data represents “out of gameplay” information, meaning that the research is not based on games running on the actual hardware. Still, the future is bright for Microsoft and its console, and it appears developers will have a lot of leeway with how they choose to utilize the Xbox One X’s many powerful features.

The Xbox One X launches on November 7, 2017.

Source: VG 24/7