The 10 Worst Xbox One Games So Far, According To Metacritic

Everybody loves a good top ten list, especially when it comes to video games. After all, we all like to see "the best" of something, right? People enjoy the good things in life. And it's vindicating to see one of your all-time favorite titles pop up, or get the scoop on what the next big investment for your gaming library should be. But once in a while, we've got to flip the script. Sometimes we just need to see the worst in things. And the Xbox One just so happens to offer plenty on that front.

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Whether it's to keep ourselves cautioned away from a bad purchase or to commiserate with others that have shared in our suffering through a terrible title, there's just as much value in knowing about the worst selections we could possibly make. And that's precisely what Game Rant's investigating today. Keep scrolling to check out the ten worst games ever released on Xbox One, according to Metacritic.

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10 Professional Farmer 2017 (33/100)

By the time 2017 rolled around, the farming simulator craze had been thoroughly cashed in on, but that didn't stop the good people at Visual Imagination Software from trying to get their hands into the pot. Unfortunately, they really could've stood to put just a wee bit more effort into it.

Ironically, Professional Farmer 2017 is about as far as you can get from a professional quality title. In a nutshell, it fails to innovate or expand upon the precedents set by the many superior titles within its genre, and instead poorly imitates them well enough to establish a repetitive gameplay loop that will absolutely demolish your interest in the span of an hour.

9 R.B.I. Baseball 18 (32/100)

Developing a sports game is almost always a safe bet. They come with a rabidly dedicated fan base practically built-in, so long as you deliver on a fun and engaging gameplay experience. But given the nature of this list, the fact that we're even discussing R.B.I. Baseball 18 should be rather telling on where this is going.

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While it did manage some relatively impressive graphical improvements over its predecessors, the latest incarnation of R.B.I. Baseball still seems to suffer from the same pitfalls that have become a series staple at this point. Clunky controls, hilariously bad animations, and gameplay depth extending no deeper than a roadside puddle make this one title for baseball fans to avoid.

8 Giana Sisters: Dream Runners (32/100)

The Great Giana Sisters series more or less spawned as a cheap, gender-swapped copy of Mario Bros in 1987, but it nonetheless managed to cobble together a cult following. More than two decades later, it would see itself made relevant again with a couple of releases on the Nintendo DS and would be totally revitalized with Twisted Dreams in 2012.

Dream Runners, unfortunately, would manage to totally kill that momentum. It was released as a competitive multiplayer-focused platformer, and if there's one overwhelmingly common sentiment shared among the reviews, it's that the concept was totally solid. Unfortunately, it's tanked by technical issues and oversights, and its frustratingly unpopulated multiplayer means actually finding people to play with is akin to pulling teeth.

7 Gene Rain (32/100)

Gene Rain essentially takes the gameplay mechanics of a Gears of War title from ten years ago, spray paints it with some extremely generic Sci-Fi aesthetics, and calls it a day. Had it been released in that time frame, it could've been called a relatively boring but passable Gears of War clone. But this came out in 2018.

The graphics aren't the worst, but they look strangely dated for such a recent title. The animations and collision detection are blocky, uncomfortable, and will certainly shatter any remote sense of immersion that the stiff voice acting and the hilariously nonsensical plot didn't manage to smash already.

6 Ghostbusters (32/100)

Video games licensed directly from movies don't exactly boast a sterling track record, usually produced as cash grabs to take advantage of the buzz surrounding a big cinematic release. 2016's Ghostbusters manages to drive this point home with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

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One of the core issues is going into it knowing that it really isn't that difficult to put together a fun and casual twin-stick shooter experience, especially when you pack in four-player cooperative play. All you need to do is keep the environments fun, throw in some interesting characters, and avoid putting a fifty dollar price tag on it at the time of release. Ghostbusters managed to not do any of these things.

5 Crimson Keep (30/100)

Crimson Keep is an odd duck that, like a few others on this list, had a niche down and was operating off a good concept. Roguelike games are practically timeless, and it boasts a cute, self-aware design that really sets it up with a fair amount of promise. The problem, as per usual, is its struggle to deliver on that promise.

It certainly delivers in terms of difficulty, but for a game that bills itself as endlessly replayable with its procedurally generated content, making the combat that constitutes the core gameplay loop amount to more than a dull and repetitive affair that you'll witness every possible variant over two sessions would go a very, very long way.

4 Soda Drinker Pro (30/100)

It seems a little strange to include Soda Drinker Pro here because it wasn't intended to be a good game. Everything about it is critically horrible, and it's more than aware of this. That's more or less the point, really. However, rules are rules, and according to Metacritic, it is indeed currently one of the worst-reviewed titles on the Xbox One.

In Soda Drinker Pro, you... well, drink soda. It's definitely an avant-garde, surreal experience that sits somewhere between LSD: Dream Emulator and Goat Simulator. If you want to have a laugh and see something really weird, it's worth a few minutes. Chances are that this doesn't need to be said, but if you're looking for a serious gaming experience, you're going to be met with a metric ton of disappointment.

3 Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX (29/100)

A casual-friendly, arcade-style racing game doesn't need to get much right. It doesn't need to be Mario Kart, it just needs to be fun enough for a few people to sit down and kill an hour or two before getting on with their day. Unfortunately, Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX would first need to be playable for an hour to accomplish this.

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For what little it needed to get right, it sure did get an awful lot wrong. The tracks are completely unremarkable and feature little variance beyond their general shape and the visuals don't venture far beyond just existing. Add in the frustratingly clunky handling of the vehicles and you have a recipe fit for a prompt deletion.

2 Fighter Within (23/100)

The Xbox One needed a cheap, gimmicky vehicle for its legendarily flawed Kinect motion controller, and the Fighter Within served as the perfect game to accomplish just that. It might've helped if the game were decent enough to cast the Kinect in even the most remotely positive light possible, though it did at least feature a dude wearing a kilt.

The Kinect controls are so ridiculous and disjointed from the actual gameplay that the simple act of actually playing the game is an odd mixture of awkward hilarity and utter frustration. Even without the Kinect taken into account, the bland, badly choreographed animations and airy, dissatisfying combat really seal the coffin on this one.

1 Rugby 15 (20/100)

Sports games outside the holy trinity of football, baseball, and basketball are hard-pressed to seize ground in the industry, though it's definitely not impossible for them to do so. Rugby fans, unfortunately, have it rougher than most, and if anything, Rugby 15 served to illustrate that really well.

One of the root issues is how poorly Rugby 15 translates the sport into a video game, considering how convoluted it already is for the uninitiated. Even for those that do intimately know the sport, some of the design choices are totally baffling when they aren't completely ruined by the game's overly abundant bugs and glitches.

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