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With only a few hours until the Xbox One launches, those who have staked their claim for Microsoft's next-gen machine are close to getting a new entertainment experience. The Xbox One has debuted to reviews that note that while the console isn't quite there yet, the potential of it is huge. One of the most lauded features of the Xbox One is its intuitive voice command system that can be utilized to navigate the console's UI with the bundled Kinect.

While the feature is a welcome addition on the console, it is well reported that there are some issues with the tech. Several critics have said that it can sometimes take a few times to get the Kinect to listen to you correctly. Voice commands aren't always obvious and some reviews noted a learning curve with voice navigation that can make moving around the interface a chore to learn.

Game Informer put together a handy infographic outlining the list of commands that Xbox One owners can use to navigate the console hands free. Click it to get a much bigger look at the commands.

Xbox One Kinect Commands

Voice navigation is a feature that may seem like a gimmick to some, but Microsoft is pushing it as one of the biggest selling points of the Xbox One. Once gamers see the functionality of the feature in action though, some cynics may change their tune. The sheer breadth of commands available here make sure no part of your console is particularly far from your reach.

The Xbox One's multitasking capabilities mean that voice commands become integral to loading other applications while gaming. Now you can make a Skype call while in the middle of a game by 'snapping' the application to the side of the screen and simply speaking the words "Xbox Skype [person]." The voice controls also cover recording and uploading gameplay videos. By simply saying "Xbox record that," the system will go back and record the last thirty seconds of footage.

Voice commands won't be for everyone and until it is working at full functionality it may be a little while until it catches on in a big way, but it helps from the developer side knowing that every Xbox One owner also has a Kinect. Some consumers might still feel a little uneasy about the privacy issues of the Kinect even though it no longer needs to be plugged in at all times. But as with almost everything about the next-gen, Kinect offers the beginnings of a great feature with plenty of potential. Only time will tell if the practical functionality is able to catch up with the idea.


The Xbox One launches on Novemeber 22, 2013

Source: Game Informer

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