What’s new with the latest Xbox One update? What’s improving and how is communicating with friends going to be that much easier? The latest video from Microsoft seeks to answer those questions.

In the video (seen above), Microsoft’s Major Nelson and the Xbox Team’s Richard Irving walk viewers through some of the key changes to the Xbox One‘s party and friend systems that are arriving in the next major update. They show how getting friends into parties and interacting with them will be much easier thanks to this new update.

First and foremost, the update turns party chat to ‘On’ by default. Before, there was always some confusion over who was in game chat and who was in party chat, and now that should be cleared up.

More importantly, the improved party system for Xbox One differentiates between party members that are in the player’s game and those that are doing “other activities.” It’s a subtle touch, sure, but one that will go a long way towards improving the party system.

Xbox One Update Party System Video

On a similar note, Microsoft has added new invite options for friends. Now, users can invite a friend either just to a party, just to a game, or to both. That way, gamers aren’t forced out of their play sessions simply to join a party chat, and the host has more options.

With the friends list limit having jumped up to 1,000 friends on the Xbox One, many gamers were having trouble finding their closest friends, or those that they regularly game with, as easily as before. Thankfully, this new update adds a favorites tab to the friends list so users can highlight those gamers they want to have easier access to for game and party invites. And even if users don’t want to peg a friend as a “favorite,” Microsoft has surfaced the ‘Find Someone’ feature right alongside the friends list for an easier way to search out friends by gamertag. Provided you know that friend’s gamertag, of course.

While front end improves to the party system are certainly welcome, the major hope is that this update will fix the Xbox One’s party problems on the back end. Splitting parties between games, dropping party members randomly, and inconsistent chat set-ups have all led to major frustration when it comes to parties on the Xbox One – check out our Titanfall beta video to see what we mean. The biggest multiplayer title for Xbox One is right around the corner, and its success rides heavily on smooth server-side and console-side experiences.

What do you think of the new changes coming with the Xbox One update? Is there anything you think Microsoft overlooked?

This latest Xbox One update is slated to hit some time before the launch of Titanfall on March 11th.

Source: Xbox