Microsoft is rolling out a bevy of new features to the Xbox One Preview and the Xbox Beta App including re-arrangeable pins and updates to the Activity Feed.

This past November, Microsoft updated the Xbox One with a brand new UI experience, ditching the Kinect-reliant, Windows 8-inspired dashboard the console launched with for a new version based on Windows 10. The update made it much easier to navigate with a controller and brought many features fans had been asking for, including backwards compatibility.

Microsoft is continuing the add features to the Xbox One, attempting to meet the demands of gamers (and catch up with PlayStation 4). The company is rolling out numerous features later this month to Preview Program members, focused on making the Xbox One and Xbox App experience more social.

You can see some of the newest additions below:

  • Rearrange Pins: Although the pin system got refined a bit in the November update, now they are able to be rearranged individually and even launched offline.
  • Party Changes: Gamers will be able to see all the members in a party by going to a friend’s profile and viewing details of their current party.
  • Gamerscore Leaderboard: To further fuel competition between gamers, Xbox will debut a leaderboard in the Achievements app, allowing users to see where they stand in gamerscore and achievements in comparison to their friends.
  • Twitch Broadcasts: It will now be possible to watch friends who are broadcasting on Twitch and easily launch their broadcast from Xbox One.
  • Suggested Friends: Xbox is looking to improve the Suggested Friends feature, making it easier to find the people fans want to follow.
  • Hide “Ready To Install” Games: For those with a big list of games they own in the Games app (especially Gold Members who get free Games With Gold games every month), it will now be possible to hide unwanted games to clear the clutter.

Xbox One Dashboard Home Update

Xbox will also bring changes to the Avatar Store, Xbox News, Trending, and Suggested Friends across the Xbox One and the Xbox Beta App to make those features easier to navigate and in an attempt to deliver exactly what fans will want from those apps. The Xbox App is also getting a Compact Mode to help users get right to the features that are most useful.

The Xbox Preview Program is an invitation-only program that allows selected users to use and test features like these before they come to all Xbox One consoles. There is no time table for when that rollout to all users will happen.

What do you think of these changes to Xbox One? Are you looking forward to them making their way to the console? Get at us in the comments.

Source: Major Nelson