Xbox One March Update Available Now, Includes Screenshot Feature

Xbox One screenshot feature


One of the more beloved features of the PlayStation 4 is the console's ability to share content such as screenshots taken directly during gameplay. This component has gotten so popular with fans that certain games on the console have a dedicated mode that gives players tools to manipulate and create some truly unique looking screenshots. Games like inFAMOUS: Second Son, Driveclub, and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor are just a few of the games for the PS4 to have embraced "Photo Mode" with creative fan submitted screenshots posted to their various social media channels.

After screenshots were mentioned late last year by the current head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, fans of Microsoft's Xbox One console have been waiting for patiently for the feature to grace their console. As detailed by Major Nelson last month, the March update promised to include this feature but a hard release date was not given. Until now.

The long awaited ability to capture screenshots on the Xbox One is now starting to roll out to the general public in the March update for the console. Once the update is downloaded, players simply need to double tap the Xbox button on the middle of the controller and then press the 'Y' button to save the current image on their screen. If a Kinect sensor is active, saying, "Xbox, take a screenshot" will have the same effect. Screenshots can then be edited in the console's 'Upload' app.

Xbox One Screenshot Feature

The March update also includes a number of other requested and important features such as party chat enhancements, being able to report spam messages, and searching through a suggested friends list.  For a full rundown on this month's update for the Xbox One, Major Nelson details each item.

This is great news for Xbox One fans who have wanted an easy way to capture creative, unique, and cool shots from their favorite games. With a dedicated photo mode being included in various PlayStation 4 titles these days, it's more than likely only a matter of time that they're also included in Xbox One games as well. Last year's Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor gave Xbox One players the ability to use Photo Mode, but at that time, the console had no way of actually saving the image.

From a company perspective, the capability to share screenshots is a nice marketing boost since these images are shared across various social media networks. With all of these images bouncing around the Internet, it's possible to reach an even greater audience and may even encourage additional purchases of the game in question.

The Xbox One firmware update for March has begun rolling out and should be available across all territories soon.

Source: VG247

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