It’s official: the gloves have come off between Microsoft and Sony. But the Xbox One manufacturer isn’t just looking to unseat the PlayStation 4’s place in the market, but its predecessor as well. How, you ask? By offering consumers credit towards the purchase of a new Xbox One – provided they’re willing to part with their PlayStation 3.

That’s right, a new email offer from Microsoft is promising that for every PS3 console traded in at a Microsoft Store location, the company will knock $100 off the price of their next-gen system.

Unfortunately, only working PS3’s will be accepted as part of the offer, and only at Microsoft’s own retail stores. The offer also extends to consumers willing to trade in their Xbox 360 S (the updated black console) or their Xbox 360 E (the most recent re-design), meaning even Microsoft isn’t interested in those ancient white launch-era relics.

The email offer was reported on NeoGAF, with the Xbox One maker instructing consumers to “ditch” their PlayStation 3. It’s hard to guess just how many people will take the company up on their offer, but it’s clear Microsoft is prepared for the fight that lies ahead. And anyone who thought only the Xbox One and PS4 were fair game was clearly misinformed.

Xbox One PS3 Trade Credit

As every one of Sony’s past E3 press conferences has reminded gaming audiences, the arrival of a new video game system doesn’t mean the previous ones cease to exist – quite the contrary. The PlayStation 2 is still in millions of homes around the world, and it’s plausible to think that the same future awaits the PlayStation 3. So with Microsoft planning to support the Xbox 360 until 2016, they’re clearly hoping to kill two birds with one stone.

This offer comes hot on the heels of an even more explosive sign of Microsoft’s determination to overtake PS4 sales (despite both selling well over 3 million consoles already), as an online source has revealed extensive details concerning the company’s release plans over the next few years. The centerpiece of that batch of rumors is the release of 4 new Halo experiences in a single year, not to mention the white Xbox One console coming to retailers.

With the war being waged on both the software and hardware fronts, this may just be the beginning of the manufacturers’ brand new approach to stealing sales. Will you be motivated to take Microsoft up on their offer? Or do you think this promotion won’t even make a dent in either company? Sound off in the comments.


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Source: NeoGAF