Microsoft confirms the details surrounding the next update for both Xbox One and the Windows 10 Xbox app, including the introduction of Cortana and improvements to the interface.

Although there are some suggestions that Microsoft is busily working on new hardware, in the form of either VR capability or an updated version of the Xbox One, that has apparently not stopped the company from continuing to make improvements to its current platforms. Indeed, Microsoft has announced exactly what Xbox One and Windows 10 Xbox users can expect with its latest planned update. Included among the new features is a name that plenty of gamers are bound to find familiar.

One of the standout announcements from Microsoft is that Cortana is going to be arriving on Xbox One. The virtual assistant, which acts in a similar way to Apple’s Siri, will be available to give users an experience similar to what is already available on Windows 10 devices. Named after the Halo character, Microsoft is initially making Cortana compatible with both headset and Kinect users, and is planning to introduce more features with the service over time.

Alongside this, Microsoft is planning to make traversing the Xbox One a little easier for users. To begin with, the Game Collection interface is seeing an update, which is expected to make it easier and faster for gamers to find the titles they want to play. More information will be available for games in the user’s queue, and users will be able to see more of their own Game Collection.

The Xbox One is also seeing an update on the social side of things. The Facebook Friend Finder app is expanding from the Xbox app to the Xbox One, so should allow an easier way for Xbox users to find their Facebook friends. Meanwhile, sharing screenshots and clips is also going to be streamlined for ease of use. Those interested in seeing the full list of features can do so courtesy of Major Nelson.

Microsoft is planning to roll out this new update later this week for Xbox One Preview Program members, as well as PC testers. After that, however, regular users may have to wait a little while longer. The company has suggested that the full launch of the update will come some time in the summer – so Xbox users should keep their eyes open for that on the horizon.

However, it sounds as though gamers expecting regular updates in the near future are going to be kept waiting. Microsoft clearly has big things planned for the next two updates, with Mike Ybarra suggesting the second update will have key gaming features, so the company has warned that a regular monthly update is unlikely to happen while these two major sets of additions take form. Hopefully, these two updates make it worth the wait.

Source: Major Nelson