Big Xbox One Summer Update Out Today, Adds Cortana and Background Music

big xbox one summer update cortana background music

The Xbox One Summer Update releases, introducing Cortana to the console, allowing players to play background music, and a wide variety of other changes.

Microsoft has today released the next major Xbox One update, bringing a host of new features to the console. In addition to ease-of-use tweaks, Xbox One users can now expect to be able to use Cortana for voice commands and listen to music while they play games.

The update started rolling out today for the Xbox One, and the list of tweaks and additions is enormous. The most significant update is the addition of Cortana for Xbox One, which will take over for the traditional Kinect voice commands. Gamers can now also listen to their own background music while gaming, and apps like Pandora, Groove Music, and iHeartRadio will soon be added to the console to provide more music-listening options.

In addition to new features, the Xbox One update is tweaking some existing features to make managing and buying games easier. Players can now sort their game collection, as well as view games that need updating and games that are ready to be installed in their own separate categories.

The Xbox One update also creates a more streamlined method for keeping in contact with friends. Gamers can now connect their Facebook accounts to their Xbox One account to easily contact and view Facebook friends who are playing games, and Windows 10 players will be able to communicate with Xbox One players, view each other's clips and screenshots, and use the party chat together.

xbox one updated game collection sort

Microsoft is rolling out this update to the Xbox One just in time for the release of the Xbox One S, which will come out in August. However, it also shows their commitment to bringing Windows 10 and Xbox One gaming together. This update's efforts to allow Windows and Xbox players to share and communicate more easily pairs well with the Xbox Play Anywhere functionality that was announced during E3 2016, which will allow gamers to seamlessly switch between Windows 10 PCs and the Xbox One and continue where they left off.

Xbox One players will probably be happy with the improvements in this update, but Microsoft was quick to note that anyone who is unhappy with Cortana can switch back to the traditional Kinect voice commands. The update details also noted that Cortana will continue to be improved upon, so gamers who aren't happy with it on release might consider giving it a try later after it's been out for a while.

Microsoft designed the Xbox One to be a device that encompasses more than just gaming, and they seem to be focused on expanding upon that idea even now. Between the Xbox One's ability to cooperate with Windows 10 systems and the idea of Microsoft and Sony bridging the gap and allowing cross-play between the PS4 and Xbox One, the Xbox One is a console that plays well with others.

The Xbox One Summer Update is out now.

Source: Xbox Wire

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