Xbox One Game Streaming Added to Windows 10

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Microsoft is looking for Windows 10 to right the wrongs of Windows Vista and to a lesser extent, Windows 8.1, as they hope to deliver an operating system with universal appeal that will power their PCs and tablets for years to come. Microsoft is really going all out with Windows 10, and this includes a larger focus on gaming.

With its launch a little over a week away, Microsoft has already geared up a couple of games that should be available on the OS come launch day. This includes Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition as well as a Windows 10 version of the extremely popular MOBA League of Legends. However, Microsoft already has a dedicated gaming platform with the Xbox One, and over the years, they have neglected PC gamers in favor of Xbox. With Windows 10, Microsoft is going to try to bridge the gap between the Xbox One gamer and the PC gamer.

It was announced shortly after the reveal of Windows 10 that Xbox One exclusives can stream to Windows 10 powered PCs and tablets, and Microsoft is making sure that feature is going to be ready right out of the gate. Anyone that has access to a Windows 10 enabled device through the preview program will discover that they now have the ability to stream Xbox One games to their Windows 10 devices.

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While some people already have access to Windows 10 and can enjoy the Xbox One game streaming a bit early, the vast majority of the public won’t be able to use Windows 10 until it releases on July 29th. Come July 29th, the Windows 10 free upgrade will begin rolling out to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users that are interested in upgrading their OS, and the upgrade will remain free until the end of the year.

Microsoft’s marriage between PC gaming and Xbox One doesn’t stop with game streaming. Windows 10 will have a dedicated Xbox Live app, which will include use of the Siri-like AI system named after Master Chief’s AI ally in Xbox’s flagship Halo franchise, Cortana. Furthermore, Microsoft also plans on utilizing their HoloLens technology with Windows 10, mostly with Minecraft, though the first HoloLens prototype is not for video games. That being said, it could still be used for other Windows 10 applications.

By offering a free upgrade from previous iterations of Windows to Windows 10 and focusing greatly on the gaming relationship between Xbox and PCs, Microsoft is hoping to win back some consumers that they may have lost due to the blunders of Windows Vista and the initial version of Windows 8. Come July 29th, there is no real reason for existing Windows users not to give Windows 10 a shot, and Xbox One owners will also be able to test out the Xbox One game streaming feature as well.

Windows 10 will be available for purchase on July 29th. Those that currently have a legitimate (non-pirated) version of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on their devices will be able to enjoy a free Windows 10 upgrade.

Source: Kotaku