Xbox One: Microsoft Working ‘Around the Clock’ to Re-Stock

By | 3 years ago 

Late last month Microsoft finally gave gamers their first look at the next-gen in the form of their highly anticipated new console, the Xbox One. And in less than 24 hours, the console sold more than 1 million units across 13 different countries.

However, while the Xbox One has been selling well since its launch — even taking top console honors during Black Friday — it is also selling out. Any quick trip to the local Best Buy or Wal-Mart will show that demand and supply are not equal.

While the notion of a sold out console is nothing new, the fact of the matter is Microsoft (and Sony) needs to replenish supply as soon as possible, lest they miss out on sales. And, according to a new post on the Xbox Wire, that’s exactly what they plan to do.

The Xbox Wire post itself is focused more on nebulous game statistics, like the number of zombies killed in Dead Rising 3 and how many miles have been driven in Forza 5, but it concludes with a promise — a promise that Microsoft will work around the clock to replenish the Xbox One stock.

Based on pre-order numbers it came as no surprise when the Xbox One sold out within hours (minutes, even) of release, and since then the console has been hard to find. Obviously, some units were saved for Black Friday — that all-important holiday sales day — but those units, too, sold out. And thus began the waiting game for the hopeful Xbox One owners.

Coincidentally, this post went live just a few hours before Amazon replenished its Xbox One and PS4 stock, which unfortunately was depleted in a matter of hours. Yet, the recent restocking suggests that Microsoft is, in fact, working around the clock on Xbox One units.

Not to be outdone, Sony made its own claims that the PS4 would be in good supply post-launch, and it appears those were also valid. What’s most surprising about this particular resupply, though, is that the PS4 just recently launched in an additional 32 countries, and increased its overall sales tally to more than 2.1 million units.

With the holiday shopping season only just begun, Microsoft’s vow to replenish stock benefits both gamers and themselves. The only question is how long it will be until an Xbox One is a common sight on store shelves.

Have you had any luck finding an Xbox One since launch? Where did you find the console in stock?

Source: Xbox Wire