Microsoft announces a brand new console bundle that allows gamers to get four top-tier games and a 1 terabyte console, plus another free game if purchased via Microsoft.

Spring is in the air, and it seems like Microsoft just can’t get over the spirit of Spring Sales. The company already put a temporary price cut on the Xbox One console, which dropped the base price from $350 to $300. This price cut is still in effect until the end of April, and now Microsoft has announced that it is releasing another brand new Xbox One console bundle which will net gamers plenty of bang for their buck.

The new bundle comes with a 1 terabyte Xbox One console, a wireless controller, and four games for the price of just $350. The company isn’t lowballing gamers with the four games, either – they’re Halo 5, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Rare Replay, and Ori and the Blind Forest. These are top-tier titles, and with the current price cut in effect it seems Microsoft is throwing them in for around $12.50 each which is a price that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

Xbox One Getting Temporary Price Cut to $300 - Xbox spring sale promotion

It’s worth noting that the bundle only offers digital download vouchers for these games, so those looking to keep physical discs may want to pass on the low-price offer. For those who don’t mind (or prefer) digital purchases, however, this is a deal that may seem to good to pass up.

The $350 price of the new bundle will be in effect until April 30th, and will then jump to a still-reasonable $400 once the original Xbox One spring sale concludes. The new bundle should be available in a variety of retail outlets, as well as online at the official Microsoft Store. Gamers making the purchase straight from Microsoft will even get a separate game thrown in on top of everything else as part of a different ongoing promotion, which means gamers are taking advantage of three different promotions at the same time.

Gamers will find plenty of different console bundles currently available at the Microsoft Store, although this latest offering seems like the best deal. After all, it’s not often you can combine three sales into one price.

All the great news for Microsoft fans doesn’t mean that Sony fans have been left in the dark either, though. A recent Newegg promotion on eBay allowed gamers to pick up a console, controller, and three top-tier games for $390, which was a package with plenty of good consumer value. It’ll be exciting to see if Sony issues a direct bundle response to Microsoft’s seemingly unbeatable offer, though.

What do you think about the Xbox One Spring Bundle, Ranters?