Xbox One Slim Unofficially Unveiled: Image and Features


The mysterious Xbox One Slim is unveiled and named the Xbox One S, unofficially leaked with specifications including a 2TB drive and a 40% smaller size.

As far as E3 announcements go, Microsoft's mysterious hardware announcements are some of the most anticipated reveals. With rumors regarding both a slimmer Xbox One and a more powerful VR-enabled Xbox One virally spreading throughout the internet, what's real and what's just hype is difficult to distinguish. Today one of those rumors can be entirely and unofficially confirmed, as a product listing for the Xbox One S has proven existence of Microsoft's slim iteration of their modern console.

The Xbox One S lives up to its implied name, coming in 40% smaller than its bulky predecessor. The console still keeps the same design structure of the standard Xbox One however, seeming to be an exact copy of the big box but much smaller. The Xbox One S will also be entirely white, which may please Apple aficionados and Wii/Wii U owners, but otherwise meshes poorly with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 set-ups. That's probably not too much of a problem though, considering the device's specifications.

Here are those Xbox One S specifications, which while incomplete already show there's more to this little Xbox One than meets the eye:

  • 40% Smaller Console Than Xbox One
  • 2TB Hard Drive
  • 4K Ultra HD Video
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Streamlined Controller
  • Vertical Stand

While each of the individual specifications are interesting and worth commentary in their own right, special attention should be given to "Streamlined Controller." Rumors have also been out there regarding an iteration on the Xbox One controller, which have now been confirmed. All that was really rumored was the controller's white color, and that's all we really know is different regarding the new controller. "Streamlined" doesn't really give any clues, considering it looks like the same old Xbox One controller. Time will tell.

Xbox One Slim Leaked

Two specific images brought about the leak. The first showed the Xbox One S and its new "streamlined" controller next to each other, along with a block of text listing off the specifications that we've already gone over. The second image shows the Xbox One S utilizing its fancy new vertical stand, which hopefully didn't scratch any discs when it was turned upright. In the background of that second console is a new screenshots for Gears of War 4, but that's really a topic for another article.

A lot is left to be revealed come the official unveiling from Microsoft. Namely, whether the specifications for the console itself have been changed in any significant way. One of those specifications already listed is "4K Video," which perhaps implies upgraded power. Yet this is just the Xbox One S, not Microsoft's rumored powerhouse console made to support VR, so who knows what's in store. Also, price. That's probably a big deal. Will it be $300 or $350? There's got to be some hype left for Microsoft's E3 press conference.

Expect more details on the as yet unofficial Xbox One S, its specifications and the potentially all new controller as they're made available.



Xbox One Slim Leaked - Vertical
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