Xbox One Sales Soar in UK After Slim Launch


According to market analysis from MCV, the release of the Xbox One S might be the cause of a massive uptick in UK sales for Microsoft's slimmer console.

The release of the Xbox One S this past August was a key turning point in the video game industry. If Microsoft found success with its new business model, which essentially saw the company upgrade the Xbox One while slimming it down, it could quickly become the norm for consoles - effectively one-upping Sony in the process, whose PS4 Slim wouldn't release until mid-September.

While recent sales figures indicated that the Xbox One outsold the PS4 in August, just how much of that success could be attributed to the release of the Xbox One S remained debatable, given that it was a slow month otherwise for both platforms. Now, however, a report emerging from MCV has indicated that sales for the Xbox One have risen a staggering 989 percent week-over-week in the United Kingdom, a dramatic change after the only recent major release for the platform was the Xbox One S.

According to the report, the Xbox One owned a 71 percent share of the console hardware market for the week ending September 24. That represents a massive 76 percent increase when compared to the Xbox One's previous year in the UK, and that success has also seen Sony's PS4 market share and sales decline 66 percent year-over-year as a result. When comparing the launch week of the Xbox One S to the PS4 Slim, the difference becomes even more shocking - Microsoft's new-ish console enjoyed sales that were 361 percent stronger than the PS4 Slim's.

Part of the admittedly huge discrepancy between the two console's sales in the UK could be how both companies chose to bundle their newer, sleeker offerings. Microsoft launched a Xbox One S FIFA 17 bundle last week that Sony didn't match, and the FIFA series' popularity in the UK is so massive it could realistically have played a major role in the Xbox One's reversal of fortunes in September.


Of course, it could also be the fact that many gamers perceive the Xbox One S to simply be a stronger console than the PS4 Slim. Between the appealing bundles of the Xbox One S and Microsoft's confidence regarding the console - Microsoft even poked fun at Sony over its PS4 Pro specs - there's a lot to be said about corporate and consumer confidence fueling the recent surge of Xbox One sales.

Microsoft's Xbox One S is available now.

Source: MCV (via GameSpot)

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