Xbox One Nearly At 10 Million Units Sold

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10 million is a large number. It's so large that most people usually don't think about it unless it's a dollar amount or a massive number of things sold after a certain amount of time. Imagine what 10 million things would even look like when placed next to one another; that'd probably be a waste of time to set up and a very poor use for that space, but try to imagine anyway.

Microsoft is close to reaching that 10 million amount themselves, but this time with the Xbox One. The system launched last year shortly after the PlayStation 4, and has since released in over 20 markets, including North America, the UK, and Japan. After the removal of the Kinect camera, a couple of price drops, and a handful of new bundles, the Xbox One is now on the rise to reach the same milestone its competitor did three months ago.

Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President of Devices and Studios, revealed on Xbox Wire that the uptick in sales "has been amazing," and that sales have since tripled when compared to last week. Most notably, however, is that Mehdi also teased the fact that Xbox One has finally overtaken the PS4, saying:

"As we head into the busy holiday season Xbox One led generation 8 console sales in the US for the past two weeks.  Shortly, we will have sold in to retailers more than 10 million Xbox One consoles."

While "sold into retailers" isn't the same as selling through to consumers (Microsoft's sales numbers incorporate the number shipped to stores), it's still impressive to see the Xbox One gaining ground in its first year, especially considering it didn't have the smoothest of launches.

As said before, the temporary price drop (which will probably become the "new low price"), as well as the introduction of new bundles that include games like Sunset Overdrive, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and Assassin's Creed Unity, have greatly helped the system reach new people. The launch of the Xbox-exclusive Halo: The Master Chief Collection probably helped as well, launch problems aside.

Microsoft has certainly worked hard to get the Xbox One to where it is today, as the monthly system updates should show. And regardless of if Xbox One is behind PS4 or not, the fact remains that both systems have done incredibly well. Heading into the holidays, and 2015 (when the new games really start showing up), sales numbers will only continue to increase.

Source: Xbox Wire

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