Xbox One Discounted to $450 at Select Online Retailers

By | 3 years ago 

While Canadian gamers are still reeling after watching the PS4 increase in price in their region, gamers in the US are seeing the price for Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One, head in the opposite direction. It may not be for long though, so gamers who are on the fence better act fast.

It all started earlier today, when one Walmart consumer discovered that their Xbox One purchase had been discounted from the regular $500 price tag for the console to $450. They only discovered this discount, however, after putting the console into their online cart.

Shortly thereafter, Best Buy announced that they would match the $450 price for Xbox One consoles on their online store, suggesting this could soon become a region-wide price cut or sale. What’s more, the discount also includes the recently released Xbox One Titanfall bundle, which includes a free digital copy of Respawn Entertainment‘s game.

Thus far, Microsoft has yet to come out and acknowledge the discounts, which leads us to believe they could either be retailer specific or they are a mistake. In the event it’s the latter, acting fast on these deals before they disappear.

Obviously, price cuts are a natural part of the console business, but few expected that Sony or Microsoft would slash their respective consoles’ prices this soon. Rather, this could be a little bit of strategic discounting either on the part of retailers or Microsoft. In the case of the former, the discount might be in an effort to clear out existing stock of Day One bundles to make way for the Titanfall bundle, but that is merely speculation. And for Microsoft this could be a way to help boost sales for, or at least interest in, Titanfall even further.

It likely won’t be long before Microsoft drops an official line on the matter — either confirming the discount or revealing it’s a mistake — but until then the Xbox One just got $50 cheaper.

Will you be picking up an Xbox One if this $50 Xbox One discount is real? What is the right price for you as far as getting Microsoft’s console?

Source: Walmart