Starting today, Microsoft will drop the price of the Xbox One S by $50, allowing players to get their hands on the newest Xbox hardware for cheaper than ever before. This price cut comes just hours before the highly-anticipated reveal of Project Scorpio which is expected to be coming during┬átoday’s E3 presentation.

The Xbox One S will now be available to purchase at just $199 for the 500 GB model, with larger storage models increasing in price from there. The slimmed down version of the Xbox One was officially unveiled at E3 2016, starting at $299, so those players who have waited a year to buy have made a significant saving.

The model is 40% slimmer than its predecessor, and supports 4K resolutions, with added Bluetooth support, and an upgraded controller, but fans might want to hold off on purchasing until Microsoft’s new hardware is announced. From everything we’ve heard so far the E3 keynote might just reveal an October release date for its Scorpio console, which isn’t a long wait for the raw power of the upcoming Xbox.

Other accounts online claim that the Scorpio could be revealed as the Xbox S, a name that seems just a little confusing when considering that the original Xbox, and the Xbox One S are two already existing models from completely different generations. That said, Microsoft didn’t seem to mind the confusion when naming their new console the Xbox One, so we wouldn’t be overly surprised if this rumor turned out to be true.

While fans may be tempted to grab an Xbox One S at a reduced price, it’s worth pointing out that Xbox Head Phil Spencer claims that games running on Project Scorpio will be the best console versions available. That means that the upgraded Xbox will have more power to run games, both new and old, making the experience smoother and better than ever before for those in the Microsoft fan-base.

Will you be getting an Xbox One S or waiting for Project Scorpio?

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