Best Labor Day Deals: Xbox One S, PlayStation 4, and Wii U

Labor Day Deals on video game consoles include free gift cards for Xbox One S and Wii U, plus an extra controller for the PlayStation 4.

Labor Day is upon us and if you're not busy heating up the grill and prepping the meat- you're busy online shopping for Labor Day deals. While traditionally we'd find more of the mattress and furniture variety type of sales during Labor Day, these days we're seeing discounts on HDTVs and video game consoles. And thus, for those of you who've been on standby for an 8th generation console - there's no better time than now to pick up a Xbox One S, PlayStation 4, or even a Wii U (except of course a few months later during Black Friday).

If you can't wait till the holiday season, we believe the deals we've found below are some of the best deals for the month. Don't want to scroll through the entire list? Our best pick for the Xbox One is the $299 Xbox One S Halo bundle with a free $50 gift card plus free game in terms of cheapest price and best bonuses. For the PlayStation 4, the $299 bundle with extra controller takes the cake as our choice deal. For the Wii U? Well, there is only one and its straight from Nintendo. Below, you'll find all the best 8th generation console deals as of writing.

Xbox One S Deals

Xbox One S deals are in plentiful season this Labor Day week. Most of the deals are originating from Microsoft Store but a select few are also from other retailers such as Best Buy and eBay deals. The common (and in our opinion best deal) is the free $50 gift code plus free game bonus at Microsoft Store. This gets you the cheapest option with the starting $299 price tag. If you need an HDTV with your shiny new Xbox One S, Best Buy is even bundling in a 55" LG UHDTV for $800.

PlayStation 4 Deals

While not as wide in variety as the Xbox One S, the PlayStation 4 is still receiving some big incentives this Labor Day week thanks to the impending Sony announcement on September 7. The best deal as previously mentioned is the plain PS4 console (without a game bundle) but priced only at $299.99, and comes with a bonus free extra controller. While the two Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 bundles are also great deals, one can argue that the game can easily be purchased at this point for cheap (or used price at Best Buy or GameStop). Note that if you do plan to buy more games in the near future, the Dell deal is pretty good as you'll receive $100 gift card, making the PS4 essentially only $250 in cost. The gift card is good towards anything sold on, which of course includes upcoming PS4 games and accessories.

Wii U Deals

This might be Nintendo's last hurrah as they push to clear out more Wii U system now that the NX reveal is right around the corner. From their official eBay outlet store, Nintendo is selling Wii U 32GB white factory refurbished units (with full 1 year Nintendo warranty) for only $225. This gets you free shipping and a bonus $25 gift card good towards anything on eBay. In fact, the system will come pre-installed with two popular Nintendo Wii U titles: Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land.

Which console will you pick up? Or will you wait for the eventual announcement from Sony and Nintendo before you make a buying decision? Microsoft is hoping to sway those on the undecided line as the free $50 gift card and game deal on the Xbox One S will expire later this Tuesday on September 6 at 11:59PM Pacific. If you're not already in the Xbox One camp, we don't think this deal will sway too many people. But if you're already planning to pick up an Xbox One S, PS4, or Wii U in the near future - these are all great deals to secure.

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