Xbox One S Gives Some Games a Performance Boost

Xbox One S Gives Some Games a Performance Boost - Xbox One S console

By testing titles like Fallout 4 and Project Cars, Digital Foundry discovers that some games perform better on Xbox One S than they do on the original Xbox One.

With the sleek and slim Xbox One S, Microsoft is doing its best to court gamers that still have yet to pick up the company's eighth generation console. Microsoft's pitch includes a 2TB hard drive, which means potential console adopters won't have to purchase an external hard drive to store all their games, and a more powerful GPU that allows the Xbox One S to run some games at higher frame rates than the original Xbox One.

Digital Foundry has tested a number of games on Xbox One S to determine how significant this performance boost is. For some games, it appears as though the boost is fairly significant, with Project Cars enjoying a 7 to 11 percent frame rate increase, and the new episodic Hitman game seeing an 8.1 percent increase. Batman: Arkham Knight on Xbox One S, in the meantime, enjoys not just a faster frame rate, but also less screen tearing and stuttering.

While this improved performance is nice, it's not always apparent, and so Microsoft hasn't explicitly mentioned it in its marketing for the Xbox One S. For example, some of the console's biggest games only have minor performance boosts, with Fallout 4 and timed exclusive game Rise of the Tomb Raider only seeing slight improvements.


However, Microsoft can still boast about the console's more powerful GPU when compared to the original iteration of the Xbox One, and that may be enough to convince holdouts to adopt the hardware. And if that's not enough, Microsoft has a few Xbox One S bundles in store to sweeten the pot, such as the Halo and Madden NFL 17 bundles that will both be available by the end of the month.

Moving forward, Microsoft will attempt to push Xbox One S consoles in other ways as well. For example, a Gears of War 4-themed Xbox One S is set to launch alongside the game this fall, and could be a hit this holiday season. If it is, it's probable that many other big Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive titles will get themed Xbox One S units as well.

With its themed consoles, bundles, and improved performance over the original Xbox One, Microsoft is going all out with Xbox One S. If the new system is a sales success, it could encourage incremental console upgrades every few years as opposed to the generational leaps that have defined the industry, so it will be interesting to see how Xbox One S, PlayStation Neo, and Project Scorpio perform with consumers.

Microsoft's Xbox One S is available now.

Source: Eurogamer

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