The new Xbox One S is out this week and if you were thinking about picking up the 2TB Launch Edition there’s at least one launch deal you should be aware of. The place to be is eBay, where you won’t find outright discounts, but decent bonus offers included in the bundle.

The best value online for the Xbox One S exists at the moment at eBay Deals. For the same $399.99 price at your local GameStop or Best Buy, you can pick up the Xbox One S 2TB Launch Edition with a free copy of Sunset Overdrive and a 12-month Xbox Live Gold Membership.

The bonus value here is pretty impressive and ranges anywhere from $52 to $90 in value (depending on where and when you buy Sunset Overdrive). If you were to buy the game + Xbox Live membership card separately at full price you’d arrive at $90. If you’re a bargain shopper (if you’re reading this you probably are one); the best historic low prices for Sunset Overdrive and a 12-Month Xbox Live membership add up to about $52. Either way you’re getting usable freebies.

Shipping is free and will take about 5 business days in the continental US. In this Xbox One S deal’s case, it will get you the console by Monday, August 15 depending on your region. Expedited shipping is available but will cost you $21.95, negating much of the bonus value your getting in the bundle, so we wouldn’t recommend going that route. There’s even a one-day shipping offer $28.95 which would get you the console by Tuesday, August 9 but again, this negates even more of the bonus value and probably isn’t worthwhile for a patient gamer.

Beyond the $52~$90 in bonus value, the biggest discount factor is sales tax. This eBay retailer only charges sales tax in California (at 9%), so if you live anywhere else- you’ll be saving at the minimum 5%. Depending on where you live, you may be saving as much as almost 9% in sales tax.