Microsoft confirms that the 2 terabyte line of white Xbox One S consoles is a limited-time variant – meaning that those hoping to secure the console will want to act fast.

Special edition consoles and video games are a dime a dozen in the industry nowadays. While many aren’t quite as limited as publishers claim to be, however, the fact that knowing one day they will be gone is a tantalizing carrot to dangle in front eager gamers. As it turns out, Microsoft’s 2 TB Xbox One S is yet another limited-time version that isn’t meant to sit on store shelves forever.

Speaking to GameSpot, Microsoft confirmed the limited availability planned for the console in a brand new statement. After referring to the platform as a “special launch edition,” the company proceeded to relay the excitement it has allegedly seen from consumers thus far, and urged fans to check out their local outlets to see if there are still Xbox One S consoles in stock.

“The 2 TB Xbox One S was released as a special launch edition in limited quantities only. We’re thrilled at the amount of interest we’ve received and we are always looking for opportunities to offer choice and fantastic value to our fans. Please check with your local retailer to determine whether the 2 TB Xbox One S is still available in your market.”

xbox one s 2 tb

Since the Xbox One S is capable of giving a performance boost to some titles – not to mention the fact that it upscales to 4K – it’s obvious to see why dedicated Xbox users would want to secure the upgrade sooner rather than later. When also considering what was said about the platform during the Slim’s reveal at E3 2016, there will be variants released in the coming months and years, too. As of this writing, there are both the 1 TB and 500 GB versions of the white S system (which aren’t currently said to be limited), but that could very well change soon.

Outside of those, the only other known version of the Xbox One S is based on Gears of War 4, and it’s more or less a crimson-colored console that looks like it was pulled right from the claws of the enemies inhabiting that franchise. This hardware won’t be arriving until October 7, 2016 (available alongside the early release of Gears 4), but that limited edition SKU should garner ample attention from dedicated followers of the series. Bearing that in mind, there are sure to be many other franchises that follow suit with custom S debuts.

Have you picked up the slim Xbox One? Is the limited availability of the 2 terabyte system enough to convince you to invest? Get at us in the comments.

Source: GameSpot