Xbox One Reputation System Rewards ‘Good’ Players, Punishes Trolls

By | 3 years ago 

The idea of multiplayer matchmaking has always been an imperfect science. Matching players with similarly skilled opponents oftentimes doesn’t work as intended, or it doesn’t work at all. Microsoft is hoping to change that with the Xbox One‘s reputation system.

This new Xbox One-specific feature will reportedly pair players in a more accurate fashion. However, the new reputation system won’t focus on matching similarly skilled players, but rather it will try to match the good-natured players with other good-natured players, and the trolls with other trolls.

According to Microsoft Senior Product Manager Mike Lavin, the Xbox One reputation system will monitor players to see how others respond to them. For example, if a player is consistently blocked, or they are the subject of enforcement actions, then that player will be relegated to a separate matchmaking layer.

As part of this new matchmaking layer, players will be matched will other regularly blocked or moderated players. In essence, the reputation system would match the trolls, griefers, and unseemly individuals with their kin.

“If we see consistently that people, for instance, don’t like playing with you, that you’re consistently blocked, that you’re the subject of enforcement actions because you’re sending naked pictures of yourself to people that don’t want naked pictures of you…blatant things like that have the ability to quickly reduce your reputation score.”

This won’t be an overnight thing, though; as Lavin says it will take time for a player to lose their reputation score.

And the end goal of this new reputation system would be to act as a sort of punishment and reward system. Players that hop online, play their matches without quitting, and don’t ruffle anyone’s feathers will be matched with similar players. Those that tend to grief on a regular basis, however, will presumably find themselves in matches filled with griefers.

Obviously, as we’ve seen with the Xbox 360‘s matchmaking systems, there are bound to be some flaws in the Xbox One reputation system. Some players might end up getting pegged as “trolls” inadvertently, and some genuine trolls might slip through the cracks. Nevertheless, the idea behind the system is noble, and if it works it could improve online multiplayer on Microsoft’s new console.

What do you think of Microsoft’s proposed reputation system? Do you think the Xbox One reputation system will work as attended?

Microsoft’s Xbox One will hit store shelves this November.