As if console gaming and Reddit browsing weren’t time consuming on their own, Microsoft has decided to unite the two with their new app ReddX. The app lets users browse and interact with Reddit directly from their Xbox One console and is available starting later today.

Obviously, delivering an app like ReddX is a smart play on Microsoft’s part. Reddit is easily one of the most popular sites around, and crafting an experience specifically for the Xbox One ensures users spend more time using the console than a PC or Mac. Not only that, but the app works surprisingly well for everything from looking at Minecraft creations to reading an AMA with Cliffy B.

They are some obvious limits to the app, but basic functions like upvoting, downvoting, commenting, and even creating a curated list of subreddits are all offered through ReddX. The app works with either the Xbox One controller, a media remote, or through SmartGlass, but there is no Kinect support yet. You can, however, save Reddit images to your profile or save them as a background.

And, for an added dose of procrastination fuel, the ReddX app also accommodates the Xbox One’s snap feature, meaning gamers can browse Reddit while they watch TV or play games. It’s certainly not the ideal way to browse Reddit, but it gets the job done in a pinch.

ReddX App Browsing

In case that wasn’t enough, the ReddX app adds a few media achievements to the fold, many of which are named and designed after popular Reddit memes. We won’t spoil them for you, but let’s just say fans of Major Nelson will get a kick out of the achievement images.

With the introduction of the ReddX app, we’re now left wondering what other site-specific apps might be in the works at Microsoft. So far, the publisher has hit many of the big ones, like YouTube, Netflix, Twitch, and now Reddit, but there are still plenty of Internet time sucks just waiting for their own app. We’re not going to toss out any suggestions, but I bet you can list a few sites that would make a small fortune as an Xbox One app.

What do you think of the ReddX app? What other websites would you like to see get dedicated Xbox One apps?

Source: Microsoft