Microsoft announces a new red Xbox One controller that will be available to purchase from GameStop and the Microsoft Store beginning Tuesday, January 10th.

Xbox 360 had a wide variety of controller colors for players to choose from, and Xbox One has been catching up over the years. Originally launching with just a standard black controller, players now have other choices, like white controllers and controllers with a camouflage design. Starting January 10th, GameStop and the Microsoft Store will begin selling red Xbox One controllers as well for $65 a pop.

The red Xbox One controller is being touted as “classic” red by GameStop, using the same shade as the red Xbox 360 controller did back in the day. It’s the newer version of the Xbox One controller, meaning it supports 3.5mm headphones without the need for an adapter, boasts a farther wireless range than the original Xbox One controller, and offers Bluetooth functionality.

The red Xbox One controller is also compatible with PCs without players having to update the device. And with the Xbox Play Anywhere program now allowing Xbox gamers to play many of their games on PC, that PC support should prove to be especially useful. Besides PC gaming, the red Xbox One controller can also be used for those that play games on their tablet devices.

Xbox One Red Controller Releases This Month - Xbox One red controller

Some may find it inconvenient that the red Xbox One controller can only be purchased at GameStop or the Microsoft Store, but it’s worth noting that it’s not even technically the first red Xbox One controller. As some may recall, there’s a Gears of War 4-themed controller that is also mostly red, and should get the job done for anyone wanting a red controller.

To that end, consumers could have always used the Xbox Design Lab to simply create a red controller like the one that’s going on sale on January 10th. The Xbox Design Lab allows players to customize controllers to their heart’s content, changing the colors of any part of the device to basically whatever color they can think of. If players want a personalized red controller, they could use the Design Lab to recreate the one GameStop is selling on the 10th, and then even add an engraving of their Gamertag to it – for $15 more, of course.

While the Xbox Design Lab seems to negate the need for more controller variants being released, it’s nice to have more colors out in the wild that people can purchase at brick-and-mortar stores. Xbox One is building quite the collection of controller colors for consumers to buy, and this red Xbox One controller is a nice addition to the lineup.

The red Xbox One controller will be available for purchase from GameStop and the Microsoft Store beginning Tuesday, January 10th.