Microsoft announces a special Xbox One and Xbox One S promotion that allows gamers to get a free gift with the purchase of a new console that varies by retailer.

Even though PlayStation 4 has mostly dominated the Xbox One in sales since the consoles launched in 2013, Microsoft went on a four month sales winning streak from July to October of this year. A combination of Xbox One console exclusive games, numerous bundles, and the release of the Xbox One S are likely the cause for this impressive streak, and it looks like Microsoft is trying to get back to its winning ways with its latest Xbox One sales promotion.

As announced by Microsoft, from December 25th to December 31st, some of the biggest retailers in the world are giving consumers an extra gift when they purchase a new Xbox One or Xbox One S console. What’s neat about this promotion is that the gift varies by retailer, so those in the market for a new Xbox One system can shop around for the deal that appeals to them the most.

Those that purchase an Xbox One or Xbox One S from Best Buy, Amazon, or Walmart’s online website will get an extra wireless controller to go with their new console. It’s not the fancy Elite controller, but with regular controllers costing as much as a new game, it’s still a pretty solid offer.


Anyone that would rather get an Xbox Stereo Headset to replace the pack-in headset that comes with most Xbox One bundles should buy the console at GameStop. However, if games are more your thing, then buying the console directly from Microsoft or from Target retail stores is the best bet, as purchasers can select a game of their choosing, which can include 2016’s biggest games, like the critically-acclaimed Battlefield 1Titanfall 2, Final Fantasy XV, and even Game of the Year Overwatch.

Getting a free gift with the purchase of an Xbox One is quite the deal as it is, but what makes the promotion even more enticing is that it stacks on top of other ongoing retailer promotions. This means that players can potentially purchase an Xbox One for the discounted price of $250, net themselves a $50 gift card, and then also receive one of the free gifts depending on which retailer they choose.

All things considered, this is possibly the best Xbox One deal since the console launched in 2013, so anyone interested in buying the console should be sure to do so by December 31st. Whether or not it’s enticing enough to help Xbox One bounce back after PS4 outsold it in November remains to be seen, but so far Sony hasn’t announced any special promotions of its own to counter it.

This Xbox One deal runs from December 25th to December 31st.