Microsoft announces a price-cut for the Xbox One which, unsurprisingly, brings the console’s cost back down to match Sony’s PS4 just in time for holiday shoppers.

The Xbox One will drop $50 in price in the United States, which means the console will be available for just $300. If that price point seems familiar to gamers, that’s because its the same deal that Microsoft ran on the console over the course of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales a few weeks ago. The sale goes live today, December 9, and will run all the way through to December 26, where savvy buyers might be able to pair the console’s purchase with some Boxing Day sales as well.

Microsoft has also announced a digital game sale that will offer deals on Xbox One games on a daily and weekly basis. That sale will run from December 22 until January 7, although there has been no confirmation regarding which games might be featured during the sale. Given the fact that the holiday sales season is so crucial in defining how the new year will go for each console competitor, it’s not surprising to see Microsoft aggressively discount its premier console alongside some games to sweeten the deal.

Of course, Microsoft’s inspiration might not just be limited to bolstering sales. Sony announced a price cut for the PS4 earlier this month that also reduced its console’s price to $300 US. It’s clear both companies are attempting to find an edge as gamers begin their annual holiday spending, and, to Microsoft’s credit, its Xbox One sale will run a full week longer than Sony’s PS4 discount, which ends on December 19.

Although Sony’s video game market dominance has been well-documented, the Xbox One surprised everyone when it usurped the PS4’s reign on top of the sales chart in October. How much of that month’s sales figures can be attributed to the release of Halo 5: Guardians is anyone’s guess, but gamers will know fairly soon just how big a factor 343 Industries’ newest take on Master Chief and Locke really was. Sales figures for November should be out in the next few days, and it will be interesting to see if the Xbox One managed to stay on top.

ps4 vs xbox one console controller

For those still looking for a reason to purchase Microsoft’s console, the long sale period should offer up as good a chance as any to really mull over the investment. Game Rant recently featured a list of the 5 Xbox One games that make the console worth buying, should players need that extra bit of motivation to give the Xbox One a chance now that its recovered from its early stumbles.

Are you buying a console this holiday season? Do you think the sales might get even better on Boxing Day, or have we reached the lowest price point the PS4 and Xbox One will hit in a while? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Microsoft (via GameSpot)