The Spring sales promotion that brought the price of an Xbox One down to $300 will officially close at the end of April, ending two months of a $50 discount.

The Xbox One has been enjoying a significant $50 discount across all models and bundles since a massive Spring Sale was announced back on March 20th. While it was described as a temporary price cut straight from the get-go, many consumers have been unsure how long the console’s price reduction would last for, since Microsoft hadn’t previously revealed when the price cut would come to an end.

Now, however, eagle-eyed gamers were able to take a look at the fine print of a new Xbox One commercial to verify that the campaign would be coming to an official close on April 30th. That means there’s still ample time for those interested in the Xbox One to purchase the console, and also reveals that Microsoft certainly committed to allowing its Spring sale campaign to cover most of its namesake.

Xbox One Getting Temporary Price Cut to $300 - Xbox spring sale promotion

The new commercial put forth by Microsoft advertises the Xbox One as being the only console on the market to feature the top 10 best selling games of the year and backward compatibility, and takes some time to show off Remedy’s upcoming interactive time-travel game, Quantum Break. The console is also poised to gain free TV DVR functionality this year, further cementing its claim to being an all-in-one media entertainment center.

Once May arrives, Microsoft’s Xbox One will return to its regular price of $350, which also happens to be the base price of Sony’s PlayStation 4. The PS4 has enjoyed leading sales for the majority of the console’s lifespan, but that doesn’t mean the Xbox One has been slacking in that department, either. Although Sony could make the same claim as Microsoft in regards to featuring the top 10 best selling games, their console loses the edge when it comes to backward compatibility.

Microsoft’s spring campaign also featured heavy discounts on select digital video games, movies, and TV content. Highly acclaimed titles from last year like Fallout 4 and Black Ops 3 are still racking up significant sales at full price, so one can expect the sales discount on last year’s titles will have netted some impressive sales results for Microsoft during their Spring event.

Whether the sales campaign will be deemed successful or not all depends on what the NDP Group sales reports for March and April reveal when they come out in April and May, respectively. We’ll keep you posted on how the sparring between the Xbox One and PS4 fared for either console when the reports are released.

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Source: GameSpot