Microsoft Boss Promises PC/Xbox One Cross-Buy Will Be A Platform Feature

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In a response to a fan on Twitter, Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirms that Microsoft is planning on making PC/Xbox cross-buy/cross-save a platform feature going forward.

Microsoft and Phil Spencer in particular have been pretty vocal lately in support of the PC platform. Considering Windows 10 launched in the middle of last year with gaming related features, including an Xbox Live app and Windows 10 specific versions of popular games like League of Legends and Minecraft. That same mentality has trickled down to the Xbox One as well, with Microsoft looking to unite both the PC and Xbox markets with a new cross-buy and cross-save feature that is going to become a core pillar of their gaming strategy going forward.

When asked by a fan on Twitter if this feature would be just for first-party releases or for all releases, Xbox head Phil Spencer replied by saying it's something he'd like to see platform wide as the company believes this is beneficial to all gamers. With that said, the decision to add both cross-buy and cross-save features to third party titles would ultimately need to come from those specific developers and publishers first.


The news follows on the heels of Quantum Break getting a simultaneous, cross-buy release on both Xbox One and PC platforms on April 5. The news did not sit well with some Xbox fans however as frustrations over the platform losing its only exclusives started to hit social media. Fears that consumers would ultimately buy a PC copy rather than buying an Xbox One console for the game has become a popular opinion online.

Interestingly enough, Spencer hinted late last year that upcoming Xbox One exclusives like Crackdown 3 and Quantum Break could make their way over to PC as well. With this news, it seems all but certain that the Xbox One may be sharing future exclusives with the PC market going forward.

Since E3 last year, Microsoft has not been shy about plans to unify its gaming business through the PC and Xbox One. One of the bigger announcements to come out of that event was the fact that any Windows 10 enabled PC or Tablet would allow users to stream Xbox One exclusives. To help solidify the two platforms further, Microsoft has started bringing some of their core Xbox One titles over to the PC – including major Xbox One franchises like Killer Instinct, Fable Legends, Sea of Thieves, and ReCore.

With even more exclusives on tap for 2016 like Crackdown 3 and Gears of War 4 fans shouldn't be surprised if Microsoft announces a PC release date as well.

If you're an Xbox One owner, how do you feel about this cross-buy news? Do you think it hurts the brand/hardware sales or does allowing a bigger pool of players to access these games only help going forward? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Phil Spencer Twitter

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