Xbox One Outsold PS4 In September, Analyst Says

Despite the Xbox 360 having trounced the PS3 in unit sales for the majority of the last console cycle, Microsoft has been less fortunate when it comes to the Xbox One. While the PS4 only had a two week headstart on their new console, the Xbox One has trailed behind heavily in sales with Sony's machine consistently outselling it.

A lot of that was simply down to the pricing. Like the PS3 before it, the Xbox One has lost out on plenty of potential purchases due to its more expensive retail price around launch - around $100 more first due to the then-mandatory Kinect 2.0 add-on and this proved off-putting to most cash-conscious shoppers, especially given the lack of Kinect-based games.

After offering the Xbox One as a standalone console beginning in June however, Microsoft has made considerable amends. And as the holiday season gets going it now seems to have paid off as one analyst estimates that the Xbox One outsold the PS4 during the month of September.

That suggestion comes from Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter, who is always outspoken when it comes to games. He says that not only did the Xbox One reach the lofty figure of 325,000 units sold in September but it outsold the PS4 by a wide margin, Sony's console having only sold 250,000 units in the same timeframe.

“We expect Xbox One sales to exceed those of the PS4 for only the second month since launch.”

Pachter explains that the increase in sales is due to Microsoft finally appealing to the deal savvy gamer. “From Sept. 7 through [Sept.] 13, Microsoft offered a free game with the purchase of a new Xbox One at participating retailers,” he notes.

That bargain was even good enough to fend off competition from Sony's PlayStation Destiny deal, whereby Microsoft weren't able to promote the best-selling shooter on their machine while the PS4 also has timed exclusive DLC to boast about. But with the free game promotion coinciding with the release of the Xbox One Madden bundle, gamers could have picked up Madden NFL 15 and Destiny for free, which was "pretty compelling" in Pachter's opinion.

Madden NFL 15 Carolina Panthers player #1

However, despite the solid reasoning there is a large amount of doubt surrounding these figures. Not only is this just an 'estimate' but Pachter is a known name to many gamers due to the irregularities in his statements.

Most notably he was way off the mark last year when he suggested that PS4 and Xbox One games would retail at $70. That pricing structure definitely hasn't happened and it only gives us more of a reason to take his words with a pinch of salt.

Furthermore, Pachter's words directly contrast what Sony has previously said. The PS4 maker explained that Destiny's launch was their "single biggest PS4 hardware sales week since Christmas 2013" and given that the PS4 has outsold the Xbox One almost every month that the two consoles have been on sale, the analyst's words may not hold true.

With all this said, we'll soon have some hard data on September's console sales. Industry tracking firm The NPD Group will reveal its sales data on Thursday so we'll have more for you then.

Source: VentureBeat

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