Xbox One Outsells PS4 on Black Friday in U.S.


According to a new report, Xbox One consoles outsold PlayStation 4 on Black Friday in the United States, coming in fifth as the best selling electronic for the day.

Since it released in August, the Xbox One S has been selling very well, helping Microsoft’s consoles outsell PlayStation 4 for multiple months in a row. With Sony launching the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim last month, many gamers and critics expected Sony to reclaim its position as the leader in console sales.

However, at least on Black Friday, that was not the case. According to Adobe’s annual Black Friday sales report, the Xbox One outsold PlayStation 4 on the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States. In fact, the Xbox One came in fifth place on the list of best selling electronics during Black Friday.

The only electronic devices to sell better than the Xbox One were iPads, Samsung 4K TVs, the Macbook Air, and LG TVs. Adobe didn’t differentiate between the Xbox One or Xbox One S, or which of the console’s bundles were most popular. That said, the company did provide information about which items were most likely to be out of stock, with numerous gaming consoles making the list. Understandably, the Nintendo NES Classic was toward the top of that list, but multiple PlayStation 4 and Xbox One bungles were included in the list of out-of-stock items.


While Xbox One controlled Black Friday, it looks like its primary rival claimed Cyber Monday, with the PlayStation 4 barely edging out the Microsoft console as the top selling electronic on Monday. Additionally, Adobe claims PlayStation 4 is still the best selling item in the United States for the entire season of November 1st through 24th.

With that in mind, it looks likely that despite strong Black Friday sales, the Xbox One may yield the monthly sales throne back to PlayStation 4 in November. There are still a couple days left in the month for both consoles to make additional sales, but the bulk of their sales happened this past weekend from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

In general, Black Friday performed very well for retailers across the board. Tamara Gaffney, the principal analyst and director at Adobe Digital Insights, offered some insightful statistics about the success of Black Friday this year. Gaffney said:

"Shoppers hit the buy button at unprecedented levels as conversion rates were up nearly a full percent across all devices in the evening hours on Black Friday. With the full day total coming in at $3.34 billion, Black Friday may have just dethroned Cyber Monday's position as the largest online shopping day of the year. Shoppers are still buying at higher than expected levels in the early morning hours of Small Business Saturday."


With the console wars as intense as ever, it’ll be interesting to see how this month turns out, and which console claims the rest of the holiday shopping season.

What do you think of Xbox One’s sales during Black Friday? Is it enough for the Microsoft console to maintain its position as best selling console?

Source: Adobe (via Businesswire)

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